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Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Review

Acceptable for use on several different college entrance exams, the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus is a non-CAS graph calculator capable of displaying seven graph styles, as well as performing matrix operations and business functions. It includes several apps and is ideal for most high school business, math and science courses. Included with it are a durable slide case and a connectivity cable.

Typically, the best graphing calculators include both basic and advanced functions. This device offers a bit of both, letting you calculate basic equations and use business functions like amortization and cash flows. While it is a non-CAS calculator, its MathPrint functionality lets you view equations as you would in a textbook.

Many applications come preloaded on the graphing calculator, including the Area Formulas, Cabri Jr. Geometry, CellSheet and Inequality Graphing. These, along with its basic and advanced functions, make the device ideal for high school courses like algebra, calculus, chemistry, and business and finance. You can also use it on AP, IB, SAT, PSAT and ACT exams.

For durability, it comes with an impact-resistant case. A TI connectivity cable, which lets you transfer files to and from computers and TI devices, is also included. The cable also makes upgrading the graphing calculator's software easy. Other optional accessories, like TI-SmartView emulator software, are downloadable for use by teachers in the classroom. The emulator software works with existing projection technology in the classroom to let teachers display their calculator screen for students on a large screen, whiteboard or blackboard and up to four different representations of an equation, such as a table, graph and chart, at a time.

This calculator has 24KB of RAM memory. A lithium backup battery protects the RAM memory if the device's four AAA batteries fail.

This algebra graphing calculator doesn't offer the necessary advanced functions for technical college courses. However, it does help solve complex equations related to high school math, business and science, and it features a battery backup that keeps your RAM memory safe. It also comes with plenty of apps and optional software that makes it ideal for both student and teacher use.