Flexible, Touchable, Military-Grade Screens

By Taylor Thomas Feb 25th, 2009
The folks at Arizona State University Flexible Display Center have collaborated with the Army, DuPont Teijin Films, and E Ink to create the first active-matrix displaying flexible touchscreen. Or in other words, ASU + FDC + ARMY + DPTF + E = Flexible Touchscreen.

So how is this miraculous collision of flex and touch done? Apparently there are "three distinct elements" (hence the several collaborators): the E Ink display, a plastic backplane, and the touchscreen. All three (components, that is) combine to create a super-power screen that is paper-thin, similarly lightweight, and impressively tough.

Where does the Army come in? Well, of course these flexible touchscreens will be perfect for military use (advanced weapons? bendable Kindles? flexible iPods?). Update: apparently funding has something to do with it as well.

But seriously, I'm sure the military has some better ideas for these rugged yet supple screens, whilst I'd probably try making some digital origami or flexible Flamin' Finger.

The fine folks at ASU don't expect the screens to be available for another year and a half, but look forward to making them available in full color. Go Sun Devils!

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Flexible, Touchable, Military-Grade Screens