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Top 10 Online Games to Play When You're Bored

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HTC Cuts Cord on Vive VR Headset With New Wireless Adapter

The HTC Vive successor was rumored to debut at CES, but we won't be seeing the Vive 2 virtual reality headset just yet. HTC had plenty of other announcements at its press conference, however. When we


There are multiple different controller options for Nintendo consoles, ranging from tablet gamepads, traditional gamepads, and motion-sensitive units. These controllers don't work on any other platfor

Mad Catz

While many Mad Catz gamepads are aimed at mobile gaming, some are compatible with PCs, and some are designed specifically for console and PC use. You'll find wired and wireless models available for mo


HORI offer wireless and USB gamepads for PCs, mobile devices, and some consoles, including Xbox and PlayStation models. Generally more affordable than OEM controllers, these third-party models offer m


Afterglow make a range of gamepads and other peripherals for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC. Gamepads from Afterglow have a distinct appearance and a solid, durable construction. You'll find budg


Kinobo, which launched in 2005 starting with webcams, today produces a range of gaming peripherals, including mice, headsets, microphones, cameras and more. Their USB gamepads are of the same good qua


Thrustmaster offers gamepads for the PC, along with models suited to a number of Xbox and PlayStation consoles. This company also manufactures other peripherals, including headsets, joysticks, and rac


Sony makes gamepads for its PlayStation consoles, and some of those controllers can connect to a PC, too. Because these peripherals are OEM, or on-brand products, they aren't the most affordable, but


Logitech is well known for its affordable third-party gaming peripherals, including gamepads for PC. Although it makes a variety of accessories for multiple platforms, like steering wheels and microph


Microsoft's gamepads for its Xbox console and PC gaming have stayed true to form, appearance and style with few aesthetic changes. However, newer versions of these iconic controllers keep getting new


Razer is a respected gaming peripheral manufacturer and has a long-standing tradition of producing high-quality mice and keyboards well-suited to hardcore and professional gamers. Their gamepads conti

Zeiss VR ONE

A virtual reality headset should be fun and durable, portable and useful, and the Zeiss VR One is all of those. It works well with a wide range of smartphones, allows for Google Cardboard apps, and ha

Homido Virtual Reality Headset

The Homido virtual reality headset is a step up from Google Cardboard, but it's a big step, with 360-degree spherical views in 3D where applicable. It can be used for video watching or for gaming. Th

Google Cardboard

Not everyone is ready to plunk down a hundred dollars on virtual reality for the smartphone. Still, VR technology is coming up with some fun stuff, and it's growing in popularity in business as well a

Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality may be more accessible than ever, but it's still quite pricey. Enter the Samsung Gear VR headset. This virtual reality headset lets you delve into new gaming worlds and 360-degree vide

Oculus Rift

Almost everybody says the same three-letter word the first time they put on an Oculus Rift for the first time – “Wow!” You may not remember the first time you used an iPhone, but yo

HTC Vive

Virtual reality is a mind-blowing experience that will make your jaw drop. The ability to escape the real world and get immersed in an imaginary, enhanced reality seems like something out of science f

Top 5 Video Games for the Best Captures

Not all video games lend themselves well to recording or live streaming. The best game captures happen when the game has interesting gameplay, beautiful visuals, and a skilled and enthusiastic player

5 Tips for Editing Your Video Game

Recording and editing video can be a complicated process. It's not always clear what recording settings lead to the best results or how editing techniques will affect the overall video. Still, most ed

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