Pros / The Driving Force GT has a turning radius of 900 degrees.

Cons / This wheel and pedal set doesn't include a clutch.

 Verdict / The Driving Force GT's design, durability and realistic feedback make it a great gaming wheel.

Logitech's Driving Force GT racing wheel and pedal set allows you to immerse yourself in a full racing simulation. This device works on the PS3 and PS2 consoles as well as on PC. The 11-inch gaming steering wheel allows for a 900-degree rotation, giving you realistic hand-over-hand turning. The quality features, design and customization give this wheel an edge over many other wheels. The Driving Force GT is among the best racing wheels, but a few flaws hold it back.

The Driving Force GT stands out from much of the competition, not only because of the number of features it provides, but also due to how well each feature works. This PC steering wheel prides itself on its force feedback, and it delivers on what it claims. With most games, you can feel every bump in the road, and the wheel gives pressure when your car is drifting through the hard turns. With this wheel, you feel traction as if you were actually on the road.

One drawback to this PC steering wheel is that it doesn't include a clutch. You have the option of using the handy stick shift for sequential up and down shifting, and there's a shifter just under the wheel for quick shifting. The gas and brake pedals are very responsive and are large enough to accommodate large feet.

This set has its share of programmable buttons, 16 in total, and a directional pad. You can adjust any button midrace, and the adjustable dial allows for different camera views. While we love the pressure sensitivity of the ABS vibration and the force feedback strength, we are disappointed that this device doesn't allow you to change the settings for these elements.

You could hardly ask for better customer support than what Logitech offers. As a leading provider of third-party accessories, it has dealt with every bug and obstacle. There are easily accessible support lines through phone and email. In addition to a simple user guide and FAQs section on the site, you'll find an extensive forum in the support community, where you can ask other users or even Logitech representatives for help with issues that aren't covered by the manual or FAQs. It's worth noting that the warranty lasts for three years.

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  • Wheel Rotation
  • Wheel Diameter
  • Weight
  • Buttons
  1. How many degrees the wheel can turn
    Degrees (more is better)
  2. 5  Logitech Driving Force GT
    900.0 Degrees
  3. 900.0 Degrees
  4. 900.0 Degrees
  5. 1080.0 Degrees
  6. Category Average
    780.0 Degrees


The Driving Force GT racing wheel and pedal set is very durable and provides consistent compatibility with PS3 and PC racing games. This gaming steering wheel excels with its features and design. We wish there were a little more room for ABS and feedback customization, but overall, the Driving Force GT is one of the best PC steering wheels on the market.

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