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Logic3 TopDrive Wireless Review

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PROS / The gas and brake pedals are adjustable to give you more comfort.

CONS / TopDrive Wireless runs through its batteries quickly.

 VERDICT / While the idea of a wireless gaming wheel is attractive, the inconsistent steering sensitivity hurts the experience.

The TopDrive Wireless Wheel by Logic3 is unique compared to other gaming steering wheels in the racing simulation game market. The fact that it's wireless is a big selling point in this technological age where wireless capabilities seem paramount. It has an impressive range of 30 feet. The downside to such a peripheral being wireless is that it requires battery power. The TopDrive Wireless uses 4 AA batteries, and it is a thirsty wheel. Batteries do not last long at all. This device works directly with PC, PS3 and PS2.

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Having a stick shift automatically gives points to the wheel's design, but without a clutch, it feels like a last minute add-on to the TopDrive Wireless Wheel. The rubberized grip on the wheel helps with the comfort. The plastic casing does not feel sturdy and makes us worry about its durability. It does have a decent floor grip for the pedals, and at over 7 pounds, it will stay in place and not push every time you hit the gas.

  1. How many degrees the wheel can turn
    Degrees (more is better)
  2. 7 Logic3 TopDrive Wireless
    900 Degrees
  3. 900 Degrees
  4. 900 Degrees
  5. 1080 Degrees
  6. Category Average
    780.00 Degrees

There are issues with installation when using it on a PC, which can make it complicated to use and take away the excitement using it for the first time out of the box. Without cables, this wheel and pedal set become very easy to store. The accuracy of the controls varies with every game. While some games work perfectly with it, the steering sensitivity can feel a bit loose with some PC games.

TopDrive Wireless rates highly in terms of customization. You can adjust the pressure and steering sensitivity, which gives appropriate feedback for the roads you're racing on in the game. The buttons are all reprogrammable, and the pedals adjust to a comfortable level for your foot.

Receiving help and support is difficult. Logic3 is a German company and getting a response on this side of the Atlantic is a process. They do include a user guide to program buttons and FAQs on their website, but getting personalized help by phone support can be daunting.


We were optimistic about Logic3's TopDrive Wireless racing wheel, particularly because of the wireless aspect. However, it doesn't compare to the best products in both ease of use and design. The wireless aspect is attractive, but it appears that cables to help with accurate steering and sensitivity are worth it.

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