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Sony PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 Review

PROS / The PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 retains its remote play capabilities with the PlayStation 4 while offering a lighter design and better battery life.

CONS / The Vita Slim still uses expensive proprietary memory cards and has a downgraded LCD touchscreen.

 VERDICT / The PlayStation Vita has a huge range of independent games and works well with the PS4.

Since the '90s, Nintendo has dominated the handheld game console market, seeing other mobile consoles come and go. However, Sony learned many lessons from its mildly successful PlayStation Portable and offers a top handheld game console with the Vita PCH-2000, commonly called the Vita Slim.

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The PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 is a major improvement over the original Vita. It is lighter and more comfortable in the hands, and its battery lasts between four and six hours. However, its downgraded LCD touchscreen is less crisp than the original Vita's OLED screen. Also, the Vita Slim utilizes Sony's proprietary memory cards, which are far more expensive than standard SD cards. Still, with its remote play on the PlayStation 4 and wide range of independent games, the Vita Slim is a top mobile console and winner of our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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The PlayStation Vita Slim offers impressive technology, including 512MB of RAM and 1GB of internal storage. Its quad-core CPU and GPU give it more power than nearly any handheld device. All this helps the Vita keep up with the PlayStation 4. You can play your PS4 games on your Vita as long as you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the console.

The exclusive Vita games are not as impressive as other consoles, though. While it has a few impressive titles like "Tearaway" and "Killzone: Mercenary," most of the titles are independent games or ports available on other systems. Also, the Vita Slim is not backwards compatible, so if you own PSP games, you'll have to buy them again to play them on the Vita.

Physical Features

The PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 is the second generation of the Vita family, replacing the original. At this point, the Vita Slim is only available as a bundle with "Borderlands 2." Later, the Vita may be sold separately at a discounted price, but the bundle gives you everything you need to get started with your new handheld.

The Vita Slim has a few downgraded features. For example, while the original Vita offered both 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi, the Slim only connects to the internet via Wi-Fi. It also has an LCD touchscreen, as opposed to the original's OLED touchscreen. Fortunately, it is lighter and more comfortable than the original, and it has a battery that will last between four and six hours.

The PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 offers dual analog sticks and two touch surfaces. The touchscreen and the rear touchpad offer physical controls for many games. You can buy games on Vita cards, similar to cartridges, or on the PlayStation Network store.


This handheld console gives smartphones and tablets a run for their money when it comes to extra entertainment. You can listen to music or watch movies stored on the memory card, and there are apps for Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube. The system features both front and rear-facing cameras, and the Skype app will keep you connected to your friends.

Help & Support

Sony offers excellent support from the PlayStation website. There, you can browse FAQs and see the status of the PlayStation Network. You can get help from the user forum or download new manuals and guides. If you need help from customer service representatives, they are available by telephone and live chat.


The PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 is a top handheld game console. It is lighter and more comfortable than the original Vita, but it has a downgraded LCD touchscreen and does not offer as many exclusive games as other platforms. Still, it offers several unique features that make it a great system for hardcore mobile gaming.

Sony PlayStation Vita PCH-2000 Visit Site