Homido Virtual Reality Headset Visit Site

The Homido virtual reality headset is a step up from Google Cardboard, but it's a big step, with 360-degree spherical views in 3D where applicable. It can be used for video watching or for gaming.

This VR headset comes in several styles, but the V2 offers a head strap around the side and an over-the-head strap in order to hold the device securely to your face. The headset is large enough to accommodate most modern Androids and iPhones. The headstraps are adjustable, as are the optical settings and inter-pupil settings, to ensure comfortable viewing. If you wear glasses normally, you can adjust the settings to accommodate near-sightedness or far-sightedness.

The face contact foam is interchangeable, which is a nice feature when sharing the VR headset, or when the foam gets a bit sweaty from prolonged VR gaming. In fact, it comes with a second contact foam as well as a cleaning cloth.

With the right apps, you can get a spherical experience, so you can look up and down as well as left and right. The screen gives you a 103-degree view side to side, but as you move, it can cover a full 360 degrees. Your phone's sensors track your position. Many smartphone VR games are run by your head position. You can find a wide range of compatible apps on Google Play, iTunes or on the Homido website.

This VR headset is not just for smartphone gaming. While you still need a smartphone as an interface, you can use this headset to stream PC and PlayStation games. You'll need to download an app and use a joystick or gamepad for controlling the game. The Homido website has tutorials on how to properly install and use these features.


The Homido virtual reality headset is not as sophisticated as the more complex VR gaming headsets coming onto the market, but it is an inexpensive and well-built alternative. It has a wide range of smartphone apps, including those that work with Google Cardboard, and can be used to stream and play virtual reality games from your PC or PlayStation. If you're interested in VR but aren't ready to put down the money for a high-end VR system, the Homido is a choice to consider.

Homido Virtual Reality Headset Visit Site