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iTrack 2.0 Real-Time Tracker Review

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PROS / The battery life on the ElectroFlip is impressive, making it perfect for long-term tracking.

CONS / ElectroFlip lacks smartphone apps for added convenience.

 VERDICT / The battery life and the accuracy are notable, but the iTrack 2.0 could use a smartphone app for added convenience.

Handing over your car keys to your teenager can be a terrifying experience. You want them to be safe and drive responsibly. With a GPS tracker, you can monitor your teenager's driving habits and know when to be concerned. The iTrack 2.0 is a long-term tracking device and has an impressive four months of battery life  while actively tracking and will last one year in standby. This allows you to stick the device in the center console or glove compartment of your teenager's car and always see where they are in real-time and how fast they're going. To help save battery life, the iTrack 2.0 will go into stand-by mode when it hasn't moved in a while. When the car starts moving again, it'll go right back to regular reporting. With a SIM card, which you can purchase from your wireless carrier or from ElectroFlip, the iTrack 2.0 is accurate up to 10 feet. That means that your child will be within 10 feet of the location pinpointed on the map.

iTrack 2.0 Real-Time Tracker

The iTrack 2.0 is both water resistant and durable. At almost four inches long, it is large for a mini GPS tracker. If you need added protection for your device, the ElectroFlip does offer a waterproof magnetic box that is especially perfect for mounting on a car.

This GPS tracker is not capable of two-way communication, but it does have a microphone so you can call the device and monitor the device. If your teenager runs into trouble and sends an SOS, you can call the tracking device and see if you can discover more information about the situation before you get there. If you set up a zone or a speed limit, you can receive email and text alerts if your teenager leaves the zone or drives faster than they should. ElectroFlip doesn't have any smartphone apps, but the company does have a web based map program that you can use to track your teenager.

This unit is simple to use, and the user manual and video help explain its features so even the least tech-savvy user can set it up and use the software to track a teenage driver. The company encourages you to call or email them if you need more help with setup and use. The website also has a live chat feature that is not always reliable.


The ElectroFlip iTrack 2.0 is a real-time GPS tracker designed for long-term use. The battery life and accuracy combined make this tracking device a serious contender but the need for a SIM card and the lack of a smartphone app hinder it some.

iTrack 2.0 Real-Time Tracker