Pros / Beyond having preloaded maps on board, its accompanying mount doubles as a GPS antenna for super-precise navigation.

Cons / The device itself is bulky, as is its accompanying mount and other accessories.

 Verdict / The Rand McNally OverDryve is the most powerful, well-rounded and capable navigation GPS in our lineup, though it is also the most expensive.

When you think of Rand McNally, odds are you first think of paper maps, not navigation GPS. However, the company’s recent transition of focus now means that average drivers and commercial fleet drivers alike have a powerful and intuitive GPS system, dubbed OverDryve, at their hands to make their commute easier and more efficient. With its highly accurate GPS antenna mount, extensive smartphone integration capability and an easy-to-use interface, the Rand McNally OverDryve – which doubles as a regular, internet-connected tablet when detached from its mount –earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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  2. 1  Rand McNally OverDryve
    7.0 in.
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    5.4 in.


Rand McNally preloads the GPS system with 10 million points of interest – the highest quantity in the industry. These POIs include gas stations, hotels, restaurants, stores, museums and other places, ensuring that you’ll never be stuck driving around aimlessly in an unfamiliar place. You can also quickly add and save your own favorite destinations into the system, and access them easily whenever you need to travel there.

If your commute needs to included multiple stops along the way, you can program them all into the device – or even add one at the last minute – and it will automatically sort them into order by distance and navigate you to each one in the most efficient manner.


The OverDryve has a clean, modern design, though its build is a bit bulky in comparison with others. However, the fact that it’s the most powerful, precise and feature-packed unit on our lineup more than makes up for it. Despite coming in a large box full of accessories, which may seem a little daunting at first, installation and setup for the OverDryve is simple and quick. The interface is clean, clearly labeled and intuitive, and it’s easy to find whatever option you’re looking for. The GPS connects to its mount via magnets, so it’s held sturdily in place but is also easy to remove if needed.

With a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display, it’s easy to view your navigation details like upcoming turns, the lane guidance assistance feature and even the speed limit indicator. Intuitive icons and menu navigation makes it easy to enter a destination address, access the device’s camera and interact with your smartphone, which easily syncs with the car GPS via Bluetooth. Its built-in trip planner lets you set up all of the destinations within your road trip.

The device itself comes with a smart assistant, letting you use your voice for navigating, sending text messages, making phone calls and perusing the apps on your phone. If your kids are screaming or if you have music playing, the device’s two microphones have a noise cancelling feature that can still easily hear you so you don’t have to shout instructions at it.

The GPS runs OverDryve OS, its native platform, built on Android’s Lollipop operating system. One of the bonuses of such a powerful native OS is that it affords you all sorts of capabilities beyond GPS navigation. Once you detach the device from its magnetic mount, you can use it as a regular everyday tablet. It is Wi-Fi capable and easily allows you to take pictures and download music, podcasts, audiobooks and games. The platform is compatible with both Android and iOS and can even pair with additional accessories, like Rand McNally’s tire pressure monitoring system and wireless backup camera.

Help & Support

Rand McNally has a ton of information about the OverDryve on its website, including informational articles, product user manuals and a FAQs section. You can also opt to interact directly with the company’s support representatives via live chat, phone or email, if you prefer. The OverDryve ships with a one-year warranty, which is standard for this industry.


The Rand McNally OverDryve is loaded with its own native OS and all of the premium features you’d expect to find in a GPS navigator. It also has the largest, most high-definition screen and impressive battery life, which makes it easy to use as a standard tablet when not docked to its charging mount. Its extensive ability to integrate with your smartphone lets you stay connected, interact with your phone’s voice assistant and listen to your favorite music or podcasts without taking your eyes off the road.

Rand McNally OverDryve Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Help & Support

Direct Support
Chat, Phone, Email
1 Year
Online Resources


Ease of Use Score
Screen Resolution (pixels)
1280 x 800
Screen Size (inches)
Screen Type
Battery Life
6 Hours


Built-In Points of Interest
10 Million
Auto-Sort Multiple Destinations
Custom Points of Interest


Preloaded Maps
All - GPS Receiver
Lifetime Maps & Traffic Alerts
Voice-Activated Navigation
Route Avoidance
Speed Limit Indicator
Lane Assistance