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Garmin Edge 705 Edge 705 Review

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PROS / Boasts great features like a heart rate monitor, street Navigation and 76 x 220 resolution color screen.

CONS / You may want more flair than this all black exterior offers.

 VERDICT / Designed specifically for cyclists, but still a solid GPS choice for just about anyone.

Take your fitness and outdoor recreation to the next level. The Edge 705 from Garmin is designed specifically for cyclists. With advanced features like a built in heart rate monitor and advanced mapping and guidance capabilities, this recreation GPS unit works for just about any occasion or need.

The all black exterior sets the Edge 705 apart from its competition. Unlike its predecessor, the Edge 705 features a full color screen with maps to get you from point A to point B.

The Garmin Edge 705 was designed with a specific purpose: to help cyclists navigate and train. Even not considering that, the Edge 705 is still a fully capable GPS even if you don’t cycle.

Any athlete that takes his training seriously knows how important heart rate is. The Edge 705 comes with a built in heart rate monitor. This means you can setup your workouts, plot a course, and keep track of mileage all from the same device. After your workout, you can view all this data simultaneously so you know just how hard you had to work to climb that hill, or even that the hill was 2 miles long and you gained 1000 feet of elevation. The Edge is also compatible with select power meters to allow even greater flexibility for training.

The Edge 705 allows you to load maps into its memory unlike its predecessor the 305. This allows you to see exactly where you are, whether on a trail or city street, and how to get where you’re going with turn by turn directions.

The built in 176 x 220 color screen displays all you important information on an easy to read screen. The information that is displayed is also customizable so you only see what you want to see, where you want to see it.

The Edge 705 has a microSD card slot which allows you to store information, maps, workouts, and courses. If you want to share your rides with a fellow rider, there is no need for computers, or even cables. The Edge 705 can send ride data wirelessly to other 705 units.

The expert reviewers liked the Garmin Edge 705. Even though it was designed specifically for cyclists, the abundant features make the Edge 705 a solid choice almost anybody. It is small enough to take hiking and has the ability to load maps. Street navigation maps can also be loaded into its memory and it will provide functions like an in car GPS unit. The Edge 705 also achieved satellite lock faster than any other GPS device tested.

The users liked the compact size of the Edge 705. Most users who bought this were cyclists, although a few bought it on its features alone. Many of the users who purchased it used it for more than just their cycle computer. They used it for such activities as geocaching and city navigating.


The Garmin Edge 705 might be a niche product designed for a specific crowd, but its small design and ample feature set make it a solid GPS choice for just about anyone.