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JVC Marshmallow HA-FX35 Review

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PROS / The bass response is fantastic, producing frequencies well below any other pair of earbuds we reviewed.

CONS / The audio quality, outside of the bass, isn’t very impressive, and the one-year warranty is quite short.

 VERDICT / While the bass is impressive, it’s one of only a few standout features of the JVC Marshmallow Earbuds.

The next best earbuds we reviewed are the JVC Marshmallow Inner-ear headphones. JVC has been a big player in the audio and home theater industries for several years, but we were surprised to see them branching out into the personal audio arena with these earbud headphones. While they make a good case for themselves, they ultimately come up short in our side-by-side comparison due to oversights in design, customization options and warrantees. Still, the robust bass response makes this pair of earbuds worth investigating, and gives it enough of a kick to land a spot in our comparison.

  1. The absolute lowest frequency note the earbuds produce
    Hz (fewer is better)
  2. 6 JVC Marshmallow
    8 Hz
  3. 20 Hz
  4. 20 Hz
  5. 20 Hz
  6. Category Average
    18.50 Hz

What most impressed us about the Marshmallow Inner-ear Headphones were their exceptional frequency response; it stretches from 23 kHz on the top end down to 8 Hz on the low end, giving it a range of tones that passes the thresholds of human hearing on both sides. You’ll be able to feel tones that you can’t actively hear, and that’s a beautiful experience. The frequency response range is the primary reason that the JVC Marshmallow Earbuds landed a spot on our matrix.

Like other headphones, this pair brings a nominal impedance of 16 ohms; you’ll be able to push enough power through these buds to burst your eardrums if you want, but we recommend against it. The sensitivity rating of these earbuds is 102 dB/mW, which is right on par for earbuds at this price point. You’ll be able to crank adequate volume out of these headphones on the extreme highs and lows, but the sound quality falters with the mid-range tones.

These headphones come with two additional sizes of earbud tips so you can find the size that gives you the most comfort. Through our testing, we found that users found these additional sizes extremely beneficial. The design of the cord for the Marshmallow headphones is slightly less than 4 feet long. That length allows users the ability to move around while wearing the headphones and not feel confined to a single area.

Color options are blue, black, orange, green, pink, red, white, purple and yellow. JVC consistently provides the most color options, which has made their line of earbuds a popular choice.

JVC customer support offers assistance in purchasing, registration, downloads, help and repair. From their website you can email JVC or access a variety of other resources including frequently asked questions, user manuals and warranty and repair information. Soon after emailing JVC we received a prompt reply addressing our inquiry. JVC had one of the fastest response times compared to other earbud manufacturers we contacted. The only thing we would like to see change with JVC customer support is for them to add a live chat and a telephone number.


The JVC Marshmallow Inner-ear Headphones are a great choice for users who want comfort and quality as well as a great value. These earbuds have customizable earbud tips that provide more users with additional comfort; our reviewers praised them countless times during testing. In addition to the comfortable design, users were also very pleased with the sound quality and the value of these earbuds. These earbuds are breakable, and users should be aware that there is no carrying case provided to ensure their safety when not in use.