Pros / The multiple colors are nice for fitting into different décor.

Cons / Sometimes this frame doesn't easily stay standing, especially in portrait mode.

 Verdict / The Seed is not the most versatile in terms of input options and slideshow preferences, but is great in most of the important ways, including the quality of its display.

The Nixplay Seed is a stylish and convenient frame that allows easy access to all of your photos on all of your accounts. Our test photos looked great on this frame, and it stands out in a sea of competitors that look like miniature computer screens made of black plastic. If it only looked cool, we would not have noticed it in our digital photo frame reviews, but the Nixplay Seed also does an excellent job of helping you organize and display photos. It looks great in any of its four available colors, and since a photo frame becomes part of your décor that can matter.

The Seed scored near the top of the pack for its display quality when compared with other digital photo frames. The high-resolution display was beautiful even if it did exhibit a little too much glare at certain angles. An internal gyroscope means that you can orient the frame for portrait or landscape photos and the frame will automatically adjust to display them to their best advantage.

One display drawback with this digital frame is the fact that it does not facilitate audio or video. If you were hoping to watch videos of the grandkids on your new frame, this might not be a good fit. If you are just wanting to display your favorite photos, though, this works great, especially if you want to be able to pull photos from all of your social media accounts. Once you set up your Nixplay account, you can connect up to five different frames and display photos from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and more.

Setting up the Nixplay digital picture frame was a little more difficult than some of the other units, but once you get your online account established it is pretty straightforward. The Nixplay app is handy for adding the photos you take on your phone almost instantly to your connected Nixplay frames anywhere in the world, including the Seed.

This frame was somewhat difficult to use because it has sort of a strange stand. It does not have a kickstand like most of the others. It relies on its thick and stiff cord to keep it at a good viewing angle. We found it pretty tough to get the cord working properly as a stand when the frame was in portrait mode. It was easier to get it stable in landscape viewing mode.

Nixplay frames, including the Seed, don't generally allow as much versatility in terms of personalizing your slideshow as some competitors. You can display each photo for as little as five seconds or as long as 30 minutes. That will be fine for most users, although some frames allow you to display each photo for much longer, and it can be nice to have one photo stay on the screen for a full day if it is your new favorite.

Seed does not let you use physical storage to access your photos either. If you were hoping to plug in an SD card or jump drive to play a specific collection, this is not the frame for you.

Nixplay is great to work with for customer service. Its representatives are easy to find on chat and the website is informative. The one-year warranty on this frame is not the longest we saw in our comparison, but it's comparable to most frames.

Nixplay Seed W07A Visit Site
  • Photo Quality
  • Internal Memory
  • Number of Transitions
  1. Overall score for photos, out of 100.
    Higher is Better
  2. 6  Nixplay Seed
    90.0 Percentage
  3. 100.0 Percentage
  4. 93.0 Percentage
  5. 88.0 Percentage
  6. Category Average
    86.6 Percentage


The Seed was edged out of the top slots in our review due to a few minor flaws in photo reproduction, the difficulty we had getting it to stand up, lack of versatility in terms of slideshow options, and access to photos on physical storage. However, the Seed is a sleek, modern and stylish frame that looks great and works great, generally.

Nixplay Seed W07A Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Help & Support

1 Year


Wi-Fi Connectivity
Screen Size (inches)
Multiple Frame Colors


Photo Quality
Internal Memory
8 GB
1024 x 600
Aspect Ratio
Screen Type
Internal Gyroscope
Content via Email

User Experience

Overall Ease of Use
Setup Ease of Use
Phone App
Remote Access
Remote Control
Motion Sensor


Display Intervals Range
30 Minutes
Number of Transitions
Desk Display
Wall Display
SD Card Slot
USB Flash Drive Port
Audio Messages