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Grace Digital is one of the biggest names in digital radio. The manufacturer produces a variety of HD radios for home use, and each one gives you access to more radio stations than ever before. All of the SPARC HD radios from Grace Digital can also be portable, thanks to the option of powering them with batteries. Most of them also have AC adapters, so you can power the digital radios with electricity.

The small radios pack a powerful punch of high-quality sound with each turn of a dial. All of the Grace Digital SPARC HD radios allow you to tune into FM radio stations, and if the station broadcasts digitally, you may also have access to additional channels. A few of the digital radios offer more listening options with AM tuning and Bluetooth capabilities. A SPARC radio with Bluetooth lets you stream music from other sources.

Each radio comes with a built-in screen with backlighting that lets you see the radio station you're tuned to. If the station is being broadcast digitally, you can see text of the song and artist that's playing, or the program's name, and even host names or guests' names on radio programs.

Many of the Grace Digital SPARC HD radios also serve as alarm clocks. You can see the time, day and date on the display screen, and you can set up to two alarms. They also include a sleep function, so you can set your radio to play for a certain amount of time and then shut off. Another benefit on most of these portable digital radios is the preset function. You can program up to 20 presets, which allows you to quickly find the stations you listen to regularly.

The best digital radios let you tune into AM and FM stations with HD clarity. They give you the option of plugging them into a wall outlet or using batteries so you can take your radio with you anywhere. The SPARC radios from Grace Digital offer most of these options and have reasonable price tags at less than $200 each.