Insignia is known as an electronics manufacturer that brings some of the latest technology to home consumers at affordable prices. It jumped into the HD radio game to produce a line of tabletop and portable digital radios that cost less than $100.

The Insignia tabletop HD radios give you access to more radio channels than you can get with a regular analog radio. The small digital radio lets you listen to the FM radio stations you already know and love, but it also lets you tune into seemingly hidden HD channels that broadcast simultaneously. So, if you already listen to FM 96.5, and that station broadcasts digitally, that station may also broadcast FM 96.5 HD2 and HD3, which could be different programming or repeats of programs you missed at another time. 

These HD radios from Insignia only offer FM stations, though. However, there is an auxiliary port, so you can connect other audio devices to your radio to listen to music. The LCD screen lets you see the program information, if the station broadcasts digitally. So, you can see the name of the artist, song title and station name on it.

The Insignia tabletop HD radio includes an antenna, which helps you tune into HD subchannels. And the sound quality is high definition, so it's clearer and crisper than regular radio.

Although Insignia's HD radios for home and travel don't include AM radio tuning, they do give you access to more FM radio stations in digital format than you'd have with an analog radio. The compact design of these radios works well on a bedside table, in the kitchen while you cook or outside while you relax. And because you can power these digital radios with a wall outlet or batteries, you have more options with where you can keep your HD radio.

There's also a headphone jack, so you can listen to your HD radio without disturbing others around you. Insignia offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor, so if you happen to purchase a defective unit, you can return it to the manufacturer for a replacement or for repair.

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