No other manufacturer has embraced the digital radio switch more than Sangean. This maker of consumer electronics creates a variety of tabletop and portable digital radios. All of Sangean's digital radios allow you to tune in to AM and FM stations – both standard analog stations and digital channels. This means that you can listen to the radio stations you already enjoy, plus their high-definition broadcasts, if the station transmits digitally. Additionally, you can pick up HD channels with no subscription, so you can find new programming or rebroadcasts of previous programs.

Sangean's tabletop HD radios offer 20 presets, so you can program each one to remember the stations you prefer. The portable HD radios include only 10 presets, but they're smaller units. All of these digital radios have backlit displays that let you view program information, station identification and more info such as song titles and artist names during playback.

The Sangean tabletop digital radios have dimmers for the displays so you can control how bright the screen is in your room, which is especially helpful if you listen to your radio as you fall asleep at night. The tabletop units include an infrared remote control that lets you change stations from across your room. They also have sleep functions, so you can set your radio to play for a certain amount of time and the radio shuts off after that time has elapsed. The portable HD radios also have this option.

These digital radios also act as alarm clocks – you can see the time on the display and set up to two alarms. If your alarm goes off too early, you can hit the snooze button to sleep a bit longer. All of the Sangean digital radios include a headphone jack, letting you plug in a set of headphones and listen to your favorite radio stations without disturbing others. They all also include auxiliary jacks, which lets you plug in different audio devices so you can listen to music from other sources.

Sangean's digital radios all cost less than $200, and all of the portable and tabletop digital radios come with a one-year warranty. This means that if you find your HD radio to be defective, you can return it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.