Compact ham radios like the AGPtek UV-5RE are popular due to how accommodating they are for outdoor transport and use. Larger models require external power sources, which greatly hinders their range of use, whereas this device can easily fit in your pocket or backpack. It comes with a power output comparable to other handheld devices, which means given the right circumstances you’ll still be able to deliver a clear signal to other ham radio operators within several miles.

This portable ham radio is designed with the modern conveniences of handheld devices without sacrificing the numerous features found on larger models. This unit can monitor and display dual bands and channel. It can store up to 25 stations, offers 10 grades of VOX and comes with several battery- saving features. An important feature among ham radios is the inclusion of a busy channel lock-out, which prevents you from accidentally using a frequency that other operators are currently using.

The handheld ham radio is capable of most standard frequencies so you can monitor popular channels. In addition to the FM frequencies of 65 to 108 megahertz, you can also receive TX and RX frequencies at 136 to 174 and 400 to 480 megahertz. These are the standard frequencies found among ham radios, which means you’ll be able to maintain communication with all your favorite or commonly used channels. The device is even capable of storing up to 128 of those channels using its built-in memory.

When it comes to compact amateur radios, conserving battery life is critical. These devices are often used while hiking in remote locations, which means the device should be able to endure prolonged use. This unit is equipped with power output settings as well as an automatic turn-off for battery saving. The unit can perform outbound communications with power outputs of up to five watts, which while typical among handheld devices, the highest power output can quickly drain a battery.

The AGPtek UV-5RE is popular as amateur radio equipment due to its standard feature set. It offers the same capabilities as a larger radio set, though it doesn't have great power output. It can’t achieve the same output power levels as stationary units, but it performs at the same level as other handheld devices. Combined with its ability to monitor multiple bands and block in-use channels, this device will prove quite capable of getting you in contact with your most-used channels.

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