The Ranger RCI-2950DX is a ham radio designed with quality in mind. Each unit undergoes rigorous testing and calibration to deliver a product that is fine-tuned to send and receive high-quality audio transmissions. Combined with its quality hardware, the device is sure to get you in contact with your most-used channels and frequencies with incredible levels of clarity.

This device is not a handheld or portable ham radio, instead intended for use in a stationary location. Due to its larger design, it comes with numerous features that expand its range and quality of communication. It is manufactured largely for increased sensitivity, offering a high-quality receiver and double-balanced FET mixer to receive more reliable and stronger signals. Combined with frequency scanning, noise blanking and antenna noise limiting, this device will prove its mettle in sending and receiving high-quality audio transmissions.

The unit is capable of storing up to 10 frequencies, and displays the current frequency on a large digital screen that comes with a dimmer and different backlighting options. The amateur radio is capable of 10 and 12-meter bands, which indicate the distance a radio frequency emission travels to complete a single wave length. These bands are commonly allocated to amateur radio operators and do not require the use of licenses to send transmissions.

This amateur radio equipment is assembled and tested by hand by the company J.R.’s Radios. While this company isn’t as large as other radio manufacturers, it still places significant emphasis on the quality control of its products. As such, each ham radio is aligned, peaked and tuned to achieve the best wave readings. In addition, voltages are checked and modulation is set to receive the loudest and clearest audio reports, true indicators of a radio’s quality design.

Few ham radios endure the same level of quality control as the Ranger RCI-2950DX. This device is designed with quality parts that are painstakingly tested and calibrated to achieve industry-defining levels of clarity and signal strength. The unit makes use of a quality receiver and other parts to ensure you receive loud and clear transmissions, whether it is public broadcast or other independent operators. In addition, you can send your own high-quality transmissions without fear of significant signal degradation.

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