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Yamaha Home Theater YHT-895 Review

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PROS / Six HDMI ports allow you to connect multiple HD devices to the system simultaneously.

CONS / There is no integrated media player in this unit; a Blu-ray player would be a nice touch.

 VERDICT / This unit is a great bargain considering its features and competition.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Yamaha Home Theater YHT-895

Home theater in a box system is a difficult category to judge because there are so many good options out there. The Yamaha YHT-895 is an effective and affordable home-cinema solution. This system elevates watching movies at home into a richer experience in both sound and picture. Standout features on this system include six HDMI ports and Cinema DSP digital technology.

Not only does the YHT-895 provide superior sound than your TV is capable of emitting, but it also has a very handsome look to it. The system touts 7.1 channels of surround sound goodness. That means the system produces nearly perfect sound.

Yamaha designed each speaker in the system to work with Yamaha's YPAO system. This system utilizes a small microphone that equalizes the sound sent to the speakers. Therefore, no matter what room you put the YHT-895 in, the system optimizes itself for an excellent sound experience.

The video capabilities of the YHT-895 include compatibility with every Blu-ray, DVD and VCR player in existence. It does not come with an integrated player, which is somewhat of a letdown. Many home theater in a box systems include a Blu-ray player optimized for sound and video specific to that system. However, the lack of one is not a deal breaker.

Other video features on the YHT-895 include 1080p upconversion. This feature takes standard-definition images found on media such as DVD and VHS and scales them to fit an HD television or monitor. This technology even takes broadcast signals from the unit's digital tuner and scales them for HD sized displays.

Like all Yamaha home theater products, the YHT-895 has a GUI (graphic user interface) that allows you to manipulate the system's features and settings. The interface is intuitive and easy to understand. It allows you to choose media in a variety of ways. You can program it to display album or other art. The interface is available in dozens of languages.

The connectivity array on the YHT-895 is quite impressive. The number of HDMI ports alone set it apart from many other products available on the market. Six HDMI ports allow you to connect nearly every HDMI-enabled device you own to this home theater in a box system.

Other connection options on the YHT-895 include an input for devices that connect via USB. You also get the familiar composite and component connections for devices that transmit analog signals. Also worth mentioning is the headphone jack on the unit because may home theater systems omit this feature.

Further still on connectivity, the YHT-895 features a YDS-12 dock optimized for iOS devices. Therefore, you can connect your iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone to the YHT-895 and interact with it via the system's GUI. This dock is an optional accessory that does not come standard. If you want to use your iPod or iPhone with the YHT-895, make sure you select that option when you order.


With so many good options out there, it's hard to get ahead in the home theater in a box category. In truth, even being among the top ten is a feat unto itself. The Yamaha YHT-895 is a fine system at a great price point. We would like to see an integrated Blu-ray player for the unit. The sound system and connection options are where this unit really shines.

Yamaha Home Theater YHT-895