In-wall speakers can be elegantly and discreetly tucked into a wall without taking up space on the floor or shelves. In many cases, they can be painted to match your home’s décor. These appealing sound systems are generally more suited for homeowners who have the luxury of making structural changes to a building.

When selecting the best speakers for our buying guide, we looked at leading manufacturers in the speaker industry. We considered companies that offer a large inventory of speakers of all dimension and designs, solid warranties and a range of audio levels. Check out our buying guide to find a speaker set to suit your needs and budget.

Best for Audio Performance

Human hearing detects frequencies starting at 20Hz and going up to 20,000Hz. When choosing an in-wall speaker system, look for speakers that span this range and exceed it. With Polk Audio in-wall speakers, you can find speakers with a low frequency of 30Hz all the way up to 33,000Hz.

Additionally, this company boasts products with sensitivity levels of 91 decibels. The more sensitive a speaker, the better sound it is capable of producing with a given input. This number can also tell you how loud your speakers will play with amplified power. The higher the number, the louder they will play. However, if the speaker is played too loudly, then sound becomes distorted.  Of course, all of the products offered by this company vary in terms of their audio levels and their overall performance.

Polk Audio

Polk Audio, a manufacturer of sound systems for more than 40 years, offers several in-wall and ceiling speakers to boost your home theater system. These in-wall speakers are designed to be inconspicuous, but you will hear dynamic, rich, clear audio. The speakers from this company vary in size and design; however, they all provide powerful performance.

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Best for Feature Set

Klipsch is an in-wall speaker manufacturer that offers both the Professional 4000 Series and Professional 6000 Series of in-wall speakers. The Klipsch Professional 4000 Series features models in a range of sizes and dimensions. Some speakers feature one high-frequency driver, also known as a tweeter, and two low-frequency drivers, also known as woofers, while others may offer one of each.

The Klipsch Professional 6000 Series is similar to the Professional 4000 Series; these in-wall speakers are designed to deliver a smoother sound. These products also have a varying number of tweeters and woofers. The dimensions also vary greatly, so you'll want to measure carefully to ensure the dimensions adequately fit the space where you intend to install these speakers.

Klipsch Professional 4000 Series

The Klipsch Professional 4000 Series offers high-performance, in-wall speakers with a high frequency response. The exterior finish on most of Klipsch's speakers is paintable so it blends in easily with its surroundings. In addition, Klipsch's speakers come with magnets to simplify and speed the installation process.

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Klipsch Professional 6000 Series

Klipsch is known for making in-wall speakers that can deliver crisp and powerful sound to big rooms, so it is no surprise that the Klipsch Professional 6000 Series follows suit. This series of architecture speakers offers many models that range in size and design. These speakers do not reach extremely loud volume levels like similar products, but they can still fill a spacious room with great music or dialogue from your favorite TV show or film.

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Best for Installation

Installing an in-wall speaker system is labor-intensive. You will want to know exactly where to place the speakers for optimum sound, and you will need the proper tools to correctly install the speakers, without causing excess damage to your walls.

Yamaha's installation process if fairly straightforward. The user manual lays out the tools and equipment needed to complete the task. It also provides assistance to help you choose the best placement for the speakers in your home. Yamaha's step-by-step instructions are designed to ensure a smooth installation process with helpful tips to further simplify the process. In addition, most of Yamaha's speaker grills are paintable.


Yamaha has earned a reputation for making quality audio equipment. That is one reason why Yamaha in-wall speakers would be a welcome addition to just about any room.

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Design & Support

Design & Dimensions

When looking for the best in-wall speaker for your home, you'll want to consider the number and size of woofers (low-frequency drivers), tweeters (high-frequency drivers) and mid-range frequency drivers, if those are included, with the set.

In addition, dimensions are important since the speakers will be situated between the studs in your home's walls. You want a system that fits neatly in the wall space you have in mind. If you find a speaker you like, make sure it will fit the spot where you plan to install it and that the orientation of the speaker is correct. (Some speakers recommend vertical installation, so check the manufacturer's recommendations.)

Help & Support

If you are going to the trouble of cutting holes into the walls of your house to install speakers, it's imperative to have comprehensive help from the manufacturer should something should go wrong with your sound system.

The best manufacturers of in-wall speakers provide a lifetime warranty on their products. However, the standard warranty in this industry is approximately five years. In addition to a good warranty, you also want to examine the support resources on the manufacturer's website, including whether you can download the product manual from the site and the options for reaching the manufacturer (email, telephone or live chat).

Since in-wall speakers come in a range of prices and components, there is plenty to study before buying anything. In addition to reading our recommendations here, read about the speakers in our articles to find a speaker system that fits your budget and sounds perfect in your home.