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In-Wall Speakers Reviews

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In-Wall Speakers Review

Why Buy In-Wall Speakers?

Bookshelf speakers take up little space and can be moved. Floor standing speakers offer good quality sound and they too can be moved. So, why would anyone buy in-wall speakers? For starters, these are the subtle sisters of the other speakers, the ones that can be elegantly and discreetly tucked into a wall, don't take up any room on the floor or shelves and, in many cases, can be painted to match the décor.

These appealing sound systems generally will be most suitable for homeowners, who have the luxury of making structural changes to a building. However, given the attractive and low-key appearance of these high-quality speakers, many renters might get permission to put in such speakers so they can relish their music as well.

While preserving the aesthetics of a room's appearance, in-wall speakers at the same time can give you remarkably fine sound quality and some powerful volume.

These also are versatile devices – they can be installed in nearly any room in the house, including bathrooms if they are moisture resistant, as well as outdoors. These behind-the-scenes speakers are helpful workhorses that offer a wide range of characteristics, which makes a difference to each listener since such things as the "best" sound quality can vary substantially from one person to the next. Take a look at our top three choices, the Polk 265-LS, Premier Acoustic PA-626 and Klipsch KL-6504-THX, to see if any of these fit your particular needs. In addition, don't forget to check our learning center for more articles on in-wall speakers.

In-Wall Speakers: What to Look For

Human hearing can hear frequencies starting at 20Hz and going up to 20,000Hz. When choosing an in-wall speaker, it's best to try to find something that spans this range and even goes beyond it. We also looked at speaker sensitivity, the nominal impedance, the range of watts from low to high, and the minimum and maximum amplifier power.

Everyone hears things differently, so it is a bit difficult to compare and then state that this product is the "best" since one person's best might be mediocre to another. We looked at the number and size of woofers (low-frequency drivers), tweeters (high-frequency drivers) and mid-range frequency drivers, if these were included. We also looked for the crossover frequency, which is the frequency where input is sent to the next highest driver.

Although these handy devices go inside the wall, their size can have an effect on sound quality since the components contained inside make the difference in how music, spoken dialogue and other things sound. The dimensions of any speaker also are important to take into consideration since the speakers need to be situated between the studs in walls. You want a system that fits neatly in the wall space you have in mind.

Help & Support
If you are going to all the trouble of cutting holes in the walls of your house to install speakers, it's only natural that you would want comprehensive help from a manufacturer if something should go wrong with your sound system. We looked for long warranties, responsive customer service and online help when examining each product.

Since in-wall speakers come in a healthy range of prices and a good assortment of components, there is plenty to study before buying anything. However, given the market variety, the longevity of many manufacturers and the overall quality of in-wall speakers available today, you no doubt will be able to find something that fits your pocketbook and sounds just right in your home.

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