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The Klipsch Professional 4000 Series offers high-performance, in-wall speakers with a high frequency response. The exterior finish on most of Klipsch's speakers is paintable so it blends in easily with its surroundings. In addition, Klipsch's speakers come with magnets to simplify and speed the installation process.

Klipsch's 4000 Series range in size and dimensions, so you will want to precisely measure and determine the ideal size of speaker for your home. Further, the frequency response for each of the models within this series differs as well. For example, some speakers have a range from 65Hz to 22,000Hz. You will also find that with many models, you can switch between 4 to 8 ohms. The range varies by model, but most products provide similar range.

Another consideration you will want to weigh when looking at each model in the Professional 4000 series is the number of drivers included with each speaker. Some feature one high-frequency driver and two low-frequency drivers while others only offer one of each.

Installation is simple for many of these in-wall speakers. Klipsch 4000 Series models feature neodymium magnets that allow you to easily insert and remove the speaker without working with too much hardware. Klipsch also includes an edge-to-edge grille with a white cover that you can paint over so the speakers blend in perfectly with your walls.

Klipsch offers a lifetime warranty on their in-wall speakers. (Many manufacturers, by comparison, offer warranties for up to five years.) This lifetime warranty can give you a lot of peace of mind with such a significant purchase.

If you need assistance with these in-wall speakers, you can access product manuals for each individual model on the company's website. There are also support articles, and Klipsch provides troubleshooting assistance as well. Representatives are also available by phone and email.

The Klipsch Professional 4000 Series provides high-quality, in-wall speakers. You can easily install most of these models using the included neodymium magnets, and the lifetime warranty is reassuring. However, each model in this series differs greatly, so you will want to closely examine each model first before making a purchase.