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Klipsch Professional 6000 Series Review

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Klipsch is known for making in-wall speakers that can deliver crisp and powerful sound to big rooms, so it is no surprise that the Klipsch Professional 6000 Series follows suit. This series of architecture speakers offers many models that range in size and design. These speakers do not reach extremely loud volume levels like similar products, but they can still fill a spacious room with great music or dialogue from your favorite TV show or film.

These speakers are designed to deliver a smooth, balanced sound. The frequency response of each model will differ, but you will find products with a range that begins at 75Hz and goes up to 22,000Hz. This is not precisely paired with the ideal human hearing range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz, but it offers a healthy level that would suit most listeners. These speakers also feature an impedance switch so you can switch between 4 ohms and 8 ohms.

Klipsch Professional 6000 Series

The design of each model will differ. Some feature one tweeter and two woofers while others feature only one woofer. The dimensions also differ, so you will need to ensure that the speakers you choose will fit the area you plan on installing them.

During installation, premium neodymium magnets are used to make the process simple. Removing the in-wall speakers is fast and easy as well. The magnets allow you to easily install the speakers without any excess hardware and ensure the speakers are flush with the wall. Additionally, the exterior grille on most of these products can be painted, making them blend in even more when installed in your walls.

Klipsch's architecture speakers are covered under warranty for the lifetime of the product. This is a large benefit as similar companies only cover their speakers for five years or less.

When it comes to help and support, Klipsch does not disappoint. If you should run into any difficulties, you can contact the company by email or by phone. Along with that, there is a downloadable user manual. You can also access numerous support articles on the company website.

Although many of the Klipsch Professional 6000 Series products don't reach killer amplifier power, they carry many of the fine qualities that this company embodies. These speakers are durable and provide a balanced sound and high-quality performance. Furthermore, the excellent warranty helps enhance these products even more and helps them stand out when compared to the competition.

Klipsch Professional 6000 Series