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Premier Acoustic provides well-designed in-wall speakers in a variety of sizes and audio levels. The products from this company have what it takes to deliver the lows, the highs and overall beauty of any music you want to play.

This company offers a selection of in-wall speakers. Its inventory ranges from 6.5-inch in-wall speakers to entire in-wall home theater systems. Due to the vast inventory offered by this company, you will want to determine the number of speakers you want and the size. Once you make these two determinations, you can search through Premier Acoustics' inventory.

Human hearing varies from one person to the next, but, in general, humans can hear a range of audio frequencies that start at 20Hz and extend up to 20,000Hz. Many of Premier Acoustic's in-wall speakers do not mirror this range, but some wall-mounted speakers offer an acceptable range. You will find speakers, for instance, that start with 40Hz for its lowest frequency response and reach up to the ideal 20,000Hz level for the highest frequency. Several in-wall speakers' sensitivity is 89 decibels.

Premier Acoustic's wall speakers provide ample volume. The minimum amplifier power on some speakers ranges from 50 watts to 150 watts, which means you get a gratifying range of power so you can gear it toward the type of music you want to play given your mood.

You receive a five-year warranty for most of Premier Acoustic's wall speakers, which is fairly standard in the speaker industry. However, some manufacturers offer a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Should run into any difficulties, you can reach Premier Acoustic by email and by phone. (They are located in Las Vegas, NV). Unfortunately, it doesn't have live chat on its website, nor does it offer support resources, such as articles, online product manuals, FAQs, etc., something other speaker manufacturers typically offer on their websites.

For a dynamic listening experience, Premier Acoustics offers a range of in-wall speakers, other types of speakers (ceiling, tower and center speakers) and home theater systems. The customer support options and resources are sparse. With the speakers and systems from this company, you get a durable and attractive product that provides the most important thing – fine sound quality.