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SpeakerCraft offers a large inventory of in-wall speakers. You can browse through in-wall towers that increase the audio output as well as two-way speakers and specialty in-wall speaker options. These are available in different sizes and provide varying audio levels. All of the products are designed with a sleek appearance and are covered under a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

SpeakerCraft boasts products of all sizes and dimensions. You can choose from tall in-wall towers or your more common two-way in-wall speaker. The specialty in-wall speakers feature unique designs and sounds. There are numerous specialty speakers available to fit all of your music needs.

Just as the designs of these speakers differ, so does the frequency range of each product. You will find products ranging from 39Hz to 20,000Hz. Some products, such as the Profile AIM Cinema Three, feature sensitivity at 90 decibels and impedance at 8 ohms. Of course, these numbers can vary drastically by each product, but you will find similar products from the company with the same powerful sound quality.

The product manuals available from this company not only provide installation instructions for each model, but can also help you choose the correct layout and placement for your speaker to ensure you receive optimal sound quality. In addition, if you choose, you can paint the grille of the speakers so they blend into your walls. The user manual also provides information on how to paint the grille properly to ensure the paint does not interfere with the sound.

SpeakerCraft speakers are all covered under a lifetime warranty. However, you must purchase your product through an authorized SpeakerCraft dealer or your warranty may be void. Unfortunately, there are not many support resources available on the company website. You can contact a representative by submitting an email request, and telephone numbers are provided. However, we could not find support articles or FAQs on the company website. Although, you can download most product manuals.

SpeakerCraft provides numerous options for an in-wall speaker. If you can't find what you want from the wide selection, specialty options are available to help you find exactly what you desire. A detailed user manual is available for each product to ensure you have all the installation and care instructions you need, and these products are covered under a lifetime warranty, which is excellent. However, the customer support options are disappointing.