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Yamaha Review

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Yamaha has earned a reputation for making quality audio equipment. That is one reason why Yamaha in-wall speakers would be a welcome addition to just about any room.

Yamaha offers a large selection of both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The speakers from this company all differ on their frequency response range. For example, the Yamaha NS-IW470 speaker offers a fairly good frequency response range, starting at 55Hz and moving up to 20,000Hz for its highest frequency response. While this is not a perfect match for the human hearing range, which is 20Hz to 20,000Hz, it is still a respectable level. The sensitivity is 87 decibels and the nominal impedance is 6 ohms on this particular model. You will find very similar features on many other in-wall speakers offered by this company.

Some Yamaha in-wall speakers are equipped with a 6.5-inch woofer, which includes a coated paper cone; a two 2-inch, paper cone, mid-range frequency driver; and a 1-inch tweeter for those high frequencies. The mid-range driver and the tweeter can be adjusted to direct the audio into the area of the room where you want to maximize the sound. You will find features comparable to the NS-IW470, which means the high-pass crossover frequency is 5,000Hz and the low-pass crossover frequency is 7,000Hz.

Most of the in-wall speakers are quite compact and easy to install. The dimensions will differ by product, so you will want to ensure the dimensions of any particular model will work for you before making any purchases. Additionally, the cover and frame on many of these speakers can be painted to blend in nicely with any decorating scheme.

Many of Yamaha's in-wall speakers only provide a two-year warranty, rather than the five-year warranty that is standard in the speaker world. However, if you do not purchase the speakers from an authorized Yamaha dealer, the warranty may be voided. You can contact the company via email or phone if you run into any problems. Yamaha also provides a user manual and a FAQs section on its website to further assist you to answer questions yourself before needing to contact the company.

Although the warranty is not stellar, Yamaha offers in-wall speakers that work nicely and offer decent sound at a good value. There are numerous in-wall and in-ceiling products to choose from and many designs and sizes to ensure you can find exactly what you are looking for. Overall, Yamaha is certainly worth examining when looking for high-quality in-wall speakers for your home.