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Audio-Technica LP60 Review

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PROS / This turntable creates high-quality conversions, even when the records are scratched and worn.

CONS / It is a basic turntable that doesn't have antiskating, counter weight or speakers.

 VERDICT / If you are looking to make accurate reproductions of your LPs, this turntable will do the job effectively. It doesn't have many extras, but it converts LPs clearly and accurately.

The Audio-Technica LP60 just falls short of our award winners, but it is one of the most accurate when it comes to quality LP to digital conversions. This belt-driven turntable plays both 33 and 45 rpm LPs. It comes with a fully aluminum platter that supports your 33 rpm LPs.

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The LP60 is one of the most basic-looking converter turntables we reviewed. It is all silver with a black slipmat across the platter. It features four black buttons across the front of the turntable – a 33/45 switch, Start, Stop and a button to raise or drop the tone arm. When you press the button to drop or raise tone arm, the tone arm will automatically move without your assistance. It automatically drops on the beginning of the record. When you hit the Stop button, the tone arm will return itself to its holder.

This USB turntable produced accurate and good-sounding digital conversions of our LPs. We used two old rpm Beatles albums – one a 33 rpm LP and the other a smaller 45. We also converted a new Jack White album to simulate different record conversion conditions. We compared singles from each record to a digital download of the same content. From the 33 rpm "Rubber Soul" LP, we compared "Norwegian Wood" to the digital download. There was some static noise at the beginning of the record, but that can be removed using Audacity after the conversion. The clarity was there and all the songs intricacies were present, but the best vinyl converter turntable in our lineup sounded slightly better in our comparisons.

The old 45 record was slightly warped and gave multiple converter turntables in our lineup issues, but the LP60 created one of the better conversions from the record. There was still some noise and a few pops throughout the recording, but there wasn't any distortion or other audible issues that we experienced with other turntables. Most turntables would create conversions with distortion during louder parts of the song, but the LP-60 conversion kept it together and didn't distort. We were impressed with this conversion. Overall – according to our subjective tests – this turntable had the second-best conversions out of the group.

This turntable is missing many of the extra features found in other top-ranked turntables. It doesn't have antiskating or a counter weight on the tone arm. It also doesn't have built-in speakers or a headphone jack to listen to your records privately. It doesn't have any pitch adjustment, which is found on a handful of other turntables. This lack of features keeps it from sliding into one of our top spots.

This digital record player comes packaged with Audacity. With this software you can record your LP and clean it up after conversion with noise reduction tools, click and pop filters and equalizers. This audio editing tool is a major advantage to using Audacity as opposed to other software.

This turntable is covered by a one-year warranty. It also comes with a user manual to assist you with assembly (installing the platter) and proper use and care.


The Audio-Technica is a high-quality conversion turntable that just misses the top spots in our lineup. Its lack of features hinders it from being one of our award winners, but this turntable creates amazing conversions, even when the records aren't in great condition. For its quality conversions the LP60 should be strongly considered.

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