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Cube Review

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PROS / The Cube is an attractive device that you can display photos on anywhere in the house.

CONS / It doesn't support any photo sharing sites besides Instagram.

 VERDICT / Despite the lack of connectors and online photo sharing, the Cube is a good choice for those who want to stream photos and videos live or save them for later using internal storage.

The Cube is an attractive wireless digital frame that provides a fun format in which to display photos for guests in your home. Not only is the casing – which gives the Cube its name – nice to look at, but it presents your photos in vibrant colors. This Wi-Fi photo frame comes in three editions: white, black and classic. The classic edition consists of a black face and multicolored side panels with rainbow stripes. The different designs can accommodate many types of décor.

Like the other frames in our digital photo reviews, this one plugs into the wall. But you can also remove the cord and display photos drawing on power from its internal rechargeable battery. This gives you the flexibility of placing the Cube between books on a bookcase or other areas that don’t have easy access to a power source.

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This is a nice convenience, but it also means you be could be Cubeless for a while when the battery dies. The screen will black out for a while as it is recharging. You’ll know when it’s time for a charge because the screen has a tendency to flicker like an old-time TV when it’s about to die.

In terms of online connectivity, this wireless picture frame only supports Instagram, to the exclusion of other photo sharing sites. This may be disappointing for some, but you can do a lot within those restraints. You can take photos or record videos from a remote location and stream them onto your Cube in real time via your Instagram account. You can also save them onto the frame’s internal memory and play them anytime. You can play music and watch videos and movies on this digital frame.

There is no phone app available for this device, but it’s functionality through Instagram helps make up for this omission to some extent. This device also lacks a motion sensor, so it will continue to stream photos and other media continuously until the battery dies if it’s not plugged in. However, you can program it to go into sleep mode after a pre-determined time, if you want to conserve power.

It has a touchscreen that makes navigating through its features quick and easy once it is set up and ready to go. Its overall versatility is limited, however, due to the lack of USB and SD card slot ports to upload photos and videos locally. So it relies quite heavily on its connection to your Instagram account.

The Cube comes with a one-year warranty, which is fairly standard and will give you peace of mind as you're learning how it works. Unfortunately, customer support is restricted to email. The good news is the support team seems to respond quickly with attentive, helpful service when people contact them with questions.


The Cube is attractive, flexible and multifunctional. You can plug in the cord and run this Wi-Fi digital photo frame off of power from the wall or disconnect and run off its internal battery. This allows you to place it anywhere you like. It lacks USB and SD card slot ports, but you can display photos and videos in real time via your Instagram account or save them to the device to play later. While its versatility is limited, you can do a lot within the restraints of its impressive features, especially if you’re an active Instagram user.