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Micca M1003Z Review

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PROS / You can choose between several photo transitions.

CONS / The frame is bulky and lacks a nail cutout for hanging it on the wall.

 VERDICT / Micca Natural View does not connect to the internet or offer internal storage, but it is easy to use and keeps photos looking true to life.

The Micca Natural View cannot compete with most wireless digital picture frames because it does not connect over Wi-Fi for easy access to your social media images. It could be nice for gifting to someone who is not particularly tech savvy, though, especially since the photo quality is quite good on this frame. Our panel did notice that some images were a little darker on this unit than on others, but the overall appearance of the photos was very nice on the Micca Natural View.

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All of the non-connected units like this are easier to use than the wireless digital frames, and they are much easier to set up. We had the Micca Natural View out of the box and showing photos in seconds. You just plug in a USB drive or SD card and enjoy your photo collection. You do not have the option of saving your favorite photos to this frame, and that is a definite drawback. This was the only product in our wireless digital photo frame comparison that did not have any internal storage. Most of them had at least a little.

  1. Overall score for photos, out of 100.
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  2. 8 Micca
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  4. 93%
  5. 88%
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You can enjoy this digital photo frame with music – through MP3 music files or MP4 video files. There are built-in speakers or you can use a headphone jack. An included compact remote allows you to control the Micca Natural View from across the room.

This frame is not as versatile as some competitors in terms of display options. It really only works on a desk or tabletop. There is not a good way to hang it on your wall. It is very versatile in terms of transition types, though, with 10 different ways to change from one photo to the next.


With no internet connectivity, no internal memory and no way to hang it on the wall, the Micca Natural View is less competitive in some ways, but there are things to like with this frame. The photo quality is quite good and the lack of some features makes it very easy to set up and use, which might be perfect for certain situations.

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