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Nixplay Iris Review

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PROS / The Nixplay Iris adjusts its display based on ambient lighting so photos always look their best.

CONS / This frame will not play photos from physical storage devices like SD cards or jump drives.

 VERDICT / This frame is not as versatile as some, but it does a great job of displaying photos so they look great in any lighting.

The Nixplay Iris is a great fit for today's smart home. This frame has its own kind of smarts, responding to its surroundings in logical ways. It can brighten or dim its screen in response to the level of ambient light. This wireless digital picture frame even senses sound. It will start playing the most recent photos it has access to when there is noise generated nearby and turn itself off when the room goes quiet. More important than all of that is the fact that this frame makes your photos look great.

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We looked at a few test photos from different sources, including recent photos, old slides and photos scanned in from paper. All of them looked really good on the Iris. Colors were true to life and could be viewed easily from different angles around the room. Even when we turned off the lights and watched the screen get brighter, the picture quality remained excellent. This is not one of the frames that can play videos, and that is a drawback. But it does an amazing job of a photo frame's most important task – displaying photos.

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This is one of the few wireless picture frames we compared that looks great, too, in addition to making your photos look great. So many of them look like tiny computer monitors with their boring black plastic finish. The Iris comes in silver, copper or bronze to match your decor. Since one reason for getting a frame is to give photos a permanent place of honor and free them from your laptop or cell phone, it makes sense that their new home would have a little panache.

This Wi-Fi picture frame can be updated from anywhere in the world. Friends and family can send it photos through the associated phone app as long as they have the right login information. Your Nixplay account can manage up to five frames and comes with 10GB of cloud storage. There is also 8GB of internal storage so you can keep your favorites on the frame itself. There is no option for playing photos from physical storage devices like jump drives or SD cards, but that might not be a big problem with all of the other options for photo storage.

This frame is relatively easy to use except for the lack of a kickstand. You have to use the thick cord to prop this unit up. It works OK but never felt as sturdy as the frames with kickstands. Also, the thick cord removes the option for wall display, which might be nice in certain settings.


This frame has both brains and beauty but it lacks the versatility to play videos, display photos from physical storage or become part of a wall display. Its screen is truly great, though, and that is what matters most for enjoying photos on a wireless digital frame. All types of test photos looked crystal clear and true to life on the Iris, in any lighting and from different viewing angles.

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