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Nixplay Seed W07A Review

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PROS / The Nixplay Seed has loads of internal memory.

CONS / This frame offers no audio or video capabilities.

 VERDICT / This wireless picture frame is well-suited for someone who simply wants to display photos and isn’t concerned with extra features.

The Nixplay Seed is a wireless digital frame with impressive internal memory and online connectivity. The Seed’s 7-inch screen is compact enough to fit on most desktops or mantelpieces, and this frame comes in 8- and 10-inch sizes.

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With 8,000 megabytes of internal memory, you’ll be able to store and display an extensive library of photos of all kinds. You can display photos from just about any online source, including Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Dropbox and Flickr. Photobucket is the only popular online photo site that this digital frame doesn’t support. While this Wi-Fi picture frame has great online connectivity, it lacks video and audio capabilities. You won’t be able to play music or watch a video from a USB device or YouTube. If you want a photo frame that doubles as a movie watching device, you will be disappointed.

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  2. 6 Nixplay Seed
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While the Nixplay Seed has nice resolution and displays a clear image, our testers agreed that it is not as vibrant as the best digital frames in our lineup. Also, at certain angles the screen was subject to glare. Still, the picture is attractive and most people are not likely to notice the lack of fine details.

A bigger concern for us was the cord-as-stand issue. This frame does not come with a stand, but rather relies on its cord to hold it in place. The cord is a heavy-duty, flexible part that does a decent job of holding the screen in place as long as it is on a stable, flat surface, and as long as it’s positioned in landscape mode.

This screen has an internal gyroscope, which gives it the ability to display photos in both portrait and landscape modes depending on how it is positioned. However, you may have to wrestle with the cord to get the frame to stay upright in portrait mode. While we were able to get it to stay in a vertical position, it took some effort. The cord may also collide with other objects on the table if it’s not positioned right.

Nixplay has great customer service. In our experience the live chat representatives are eager to help and offer solid answers to customer questions. The one-year warranty on this frame offers some peace of mind. The website was also helpful, and you will be able to find many answers on its FAQs page.


The Nixplay Seed is a uniquely designed wireless digital frame with enough internal memory to store all kinds of photos. You won’t be able to watch videos or play music on this device, as you can with some digital frames, but its internet connectivity is among the best in our wireless digital frames reviews. The cord doubles as a stand, which is convenient but also a little awkward since it only stays put consistently in landscape mode. This digital frame is a nice option for those who just want a device that displays photos.

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