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Pros / The Pigeon Tyke has several upload options.

Cons / The picture quality is poor.

 Verdict / The Pigeon Tyke is a good option for people who want a simple way to store and display photos.

The Pigeon Tyke is a wireless digital frame with a decent feature package and impressive ease of use. It is, in fact, the only product in our Wi-Fi digital frame reviews that received a perfect score for ease of use. Another perk for some users is that this digital frame can display the same photo for 120 hours or more before changing. You can program it to change every few minutes if you prefer. However, if a digital display that acts more like a traditional frame appeals to you – displaying the same photo for long periods – this frame is an option you may want to explore.

When it comes to internet connectivity this app-supported photo frame is quite limited. It doesn’t connect to any of the popular photo sharing sites like Instagram, Facebook and Flickr. However, it is quite versatile. You can connect the device to a computer or a thumb drive via the USB port and display photos from your personal files. There is also an SD card slot, so you can download photos from a camera, and there is enough memory to store hundreds of photos on its internal storage.

This Wi-Fi cloud digital frame is ideally suited for grandparents who want a way to store and display the photos of their grandkids without the need for connecting to popular photo-sharing sites. As such, this photo frame relies heavily on the phone app, which is one of its best convenience features. You can just have friends and family download the Pigeon app, create an account and enter a code that will be emailed to them when you activate the frame. They can start adding photos from anywhere in the world and they are automatically uploaded to the frame. Once you take an image you want to share on the frame, you simply tap the Pigeon icon and the photo automatically uploads to the digital frame. You can also play music and videos on this digital frame.

You can mount this frame on the wall or on a tabletop stand included in the package. Another nice feature is a motion sensor that automatically turns the picture off when nobody is around, to save on power.

Our biggest issue with this frame was the picture quality. The picture lacked the brightness of the original photos we uploaded during testing, and the color contrasts were lacking. Whites were on the gray side, making the overall image quite dark. Also, the image dimmed even more at certain angles. We only got a clear image of the photos when we were looking at them straight on. That is a problem when you have a picture frame you’re trying to display across a room.

This digital picture frame comes with a one-year warranty, which gives you peace of mind while you’re getting accustomed to using it. Customer support options, however, are quite limited. Email is the only form of contact. They never responded to our email inquiries, which is frustrating when you’re limited to one means of contact.

  • Photo Quality
  • Internal Memory
  • Number of Transitions
  1. Overall score for photos, out of 100.
    Higher is Better
  2. 9  Pigeon Tyke
    61.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 93.0 %
  5. 88.0 %
  6. Category Average
    87.18 %


The Pigeon Tyke is by the far the easiest digital frame in our lineup to use. You can upload photos from a phone, computer, USB thumb drive or SD card. The phone app is a great tool, allowing you to take photos anywhere in the world and then upload to the Tyke with the simple push of a button. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to tap into the trove of online photos on popular photo sharing sites, but there are plenty of other uploading options. If you like simplicity, this is an excellent frame.

Pigeon Tyke Visit Site