Whether you want a utility pedal like a mute pedal so you can retune on stage or a volume control pedal, or you want to capture the sounds of a classic blues acoustic, add some fuzz to your signature sound, or utilize a complex looper to play along to interesting backing sounds, you can find DigiTech guitar pedals to meet your needs. A diverse range of single-effects pedals ensures that guitar novices and veteran musicians alike can capture the right tones as they play. For those who don’t want a huge pedal board or mammoth chain of cables and pedals, DigiTech also offers multi-effects boards with an exhaustive list of features and options.

Single pedals vary considerably, with standard reverb, delay, tremolo, wah-wah, pitch shifter and EQ effects. For those who favor styles that require low-end power, DigiTech offers a number of gain-staging pedals that deliver significant but easily controllable distortion on the low to mid-range tones. These are well-suited to metal, rock and similar alternative genres.

Multi-effects pedals from DigiTech offer outstanding flexibility and versatility, which is one reason they are particularly popular for studio recording for amateurs at home as well as pros in high-end recording spaces. You can find multi pedals with 160 different effects. These units offer stompbox, cabinet and amp effects to give you enough versatility to find your signature tone. Select models have up to 200 presets. With 100 factory presets and 100 user presets, these multi-effects pedals let you use an existing preset as-is, take an existing factory preset and tweak and store it, or create your own from scratch.

Most multi-effects pedals let you use up to nine effects simultaneously so you can create some seriously complex sounds. You’ll find models that support single or multiple loops, so you can record short riffs and rhythms, then loop them indefinitely. Those units that support multiple loop recordings let you layer the loops to produce elaborate rhythms and harmonies. To help you create your own one-person band, some DigiTech models have drum machines with up to 50 preset patterns and beats. Furthermore, select models have Band Creator, which listens to your style and then generates bass and drum beats that complement your music.

Although DigiTech claims its pedals are industrial-strength, and are able to withstand heavy-duty use, the company only offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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