Dunlop predominantly produces single-effect guitar pedals, although you can find a few that combine multiple reverbs, multiple delays or two different overdrive pedals in one. This brand has a long history of producing quality pedals, with ranges suitable for players of every ability. While some are purely practical, other product lines combine form and function for aesthetically pleasing, high-performance pedals.

Dunlop re-released the Way Huge line and now offers an exhaustive catalog of Way Huge pedals, much to the delight of fans of the original models. This line has a distinctly retro look, heavily inspired by bright, bold colors, crazy names and '70s-style typefaces. Way Huge products include reverb, overdrive, jumbo fuzz, delay, compression, modulator, chorus, tremolo and boost pedals. These guitar effect pedals are easy to use, even for beginners.

The MXR line features all the standard effects of the Way Huge line, but you’ll also find flanger pedals, envelope filters, stereo chorus and more customizable effects. Many of these are analog, and to further capture the warmth of retro tones, you’ll find MXR drivers that mimic the subtle tones of vintage tube amps.

One of Dunlop’s most popular offerings is its range of Cry Baby wah pedals. First released in 1966, this product line features durable, high-end wah pedals prized by amateurs and professionals alike. You’ll find models that replicate the distinctive wah-wah tones of legendary guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and David Gilmour. Other models offer more customization so you can create your own signature sound. Many of these models feature Q control to let you adjust the intensity of the “wah.”

The Dunlop Electronics range includes a line of Fuzz Face distortion pedals, including miniature stompboxes. Delays, chorus and volume pedals are also readily available. A mini volume pedal makes a smart choice for consumers who need precise control and smooth volume swells but who have limited space, as these compact units fit neatly on an already-busy pedal board.

Although Dunlop’s guitar effects pedals are well-known for their rugged durability, the manufacturer only offers a one-year parts and labor warranty. The pedals in each range have a high-strength shell to ensure that they are roadworthy enough to withstand rigorous, enthusiastic use.