Line 6 focuses on quality over quantity. This brand offers a small selection of multi-effect stompbox modelers, combining a large number of effects and customization options in each product.

You can find Line 6 multi-effect pedals that offer up to 16 distortion options, including boost, screamer, overdrive, classic distortion, heavy distortion, multiple fuzz levels and compression. The tube drive effect produces an analog-like sound to mimic the output of an old-school tube amp.

Some pedals have effects modelled on the sounds of legendary musicians and iconic retro pedals. Analog-style modulation and modelling lets you enjoy the sounds of classic equipment like the 1965 Fender reverb amp, the 1960 Vox AC15, the MXR Phase 90 and the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase.

Modulation effects from Line 6 include multiple tremolos, phasers, vibrato, pitch shift, flangers and rotary drums. These stompboxes also have input ports for expression pedals. Line 6 expression pedals let you morph between two settings and effects, such as volume and wah-wah, to let you make adjustments on the fly.

Multi-effects boxes are another popular choice from Line 6, letting you choose from 16 different delay effects, including tube echo, tape echo, analog echo and rhythmic delays. Some of these effects are modelled on the sounds created by retro equipment like tube amps. If you prefer to create innovative filtered tones, you can opt for a Line 6 filter effects pedal that contains up to 16 digital effects, including growlers, synthesizers, Q filters and wah-wahs. Line 6 guitar effects boxes include a variety of factory presets along with programmable channels, and some have room in their sound libraries for storage of your own recordings.

For those who like to experiment with rhythms, harmonies and backing tracks, Line 6 offers looper boxes. With these boxes, you can choose from more than 200 artist-created presets and 150 song-based presets. You can tweak any of the factory presets or create your own, making use of the 36 user-programmable presets. Additionally, you can record and store up to 100 of your creations, with space for 24 minutes of total recording time. If that isn’t enough space, you can store extra recordings on 2GB SD cards. You can layer your recordings to create exceptionally complex tracks or to create a band effect. For maximum versatility, you can import tracks from your PC to the looper box, too. For ease of use, you’ll find foot switches for record/overdub, play, stop and undo.

Line 6 only provides a one-year parts and labor warranty with its guitar effects boxes.