The range of guitar pedals available from TC Electronics is exhaustive. Beginners can find good-quality, budget-friendly, compact single-effect pedals that let them hone their sounds without breaking the bank. At the other end of the scale, there are high-end units with multiple options and features. Notably, for a brand with such an exhaustive catalog of single-effect pedals, many of which are professional-grade, TC Electronics doesn't offer multi-effect boxes.

TonePrint-enabled pedals are available in single and multi-effect models. If you choose a pedal that’s compatible with TonePrint, you can download the TonePrint app on your smartphone or tablet. You can then choose from an extensive range of artists’ tones or styles. The tone you select is sent wirelessly through your guitar’s pickup to your TonePrint-enabled pedal, letting you emulate the tone of your favorite artists.

TC Electronics is well-known for its high-quality reverb pedals. You can find single-effect reverb pedals with up to 10 reverb types and customizing knobs for tone, reverb decay, and FX level or effect intensity. The brand’s overdrive and distortion pedals offer plenty of customization, letting you give your sound a shiny, contemporary edge or a smoother retro flavor with precise bass and treble controls.

If you want to save space on your pedal board or dislike having lots of bulky pedals in a chain, consider TC Electronics’ mini single-effect pedals. These deliver the same power and performance as larger models but take up considerably less space, which is particularly useful if you’re putting together a board full of interesting effects pedals.

While you can get single-loop pedals, if you need to create more complex rhythms and harmonies, consider one of TC Electronics’ multi-loop pedals that let you record, layer and playback multiple distinct loops. Some of these loop pedals also have a number of effects, so you can mix up your sound on the fly. You’ll also find professional-quality delay pedals, with up to 16 distinct delay types, multiple factory presets, user presets and a tap tempo feature. Select models combine delay and loop features into one unit.

TC Electronics backs up the roadworthiness of its guitar pedals with a three-year warranty. Musicians of any skill level can find a pedal from this brand to suit their style and ability.

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