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The Korg AW-Series guitar tuner has pads along the clamp so you don't have to worry about it scratching your instrument. We were pleased with its double ball-joint that allows you to move the screen so you can be sure to see it whether you are right- or left-handed. The tuner is small enough that you can hide it behind your headstock so it isn't as obtrusive as you get ready for your performance.

The screen itself is easy to read. The display is digital and shows the chromatic note name. We were pleased with how quick it is to tell if a string is in tune. The tuner shows you whether you are sharp or flat and picks up the changes you make quickly. The Korg also includes a variable backlight to help make the screen more visible in a variety of conditions. The three illumination modes are off, soft and auto.

All of the buttons are located on the back of the unit, which keeps it small and clean looking. The Korg AW-Series is set up with a detection range of A0-C8 (27.50-4186Hz). The reference pitch is 410-480Hz in 1Hz steps, and the precision of the unit is +/- 1 cent.

This tuner has both a piezo sensor and an internal mic. The piezo sensor measures the vibrations and converts them to an electrical signal. Having this option is the best choice when you have to tune in a location with a lot of noise. The internal mic is a good alternative if you don't want to clip the tuner on the guitar, and it works just as well in quieter environments.

The standard viewing angle of the screen is horizontal, but it has a mode that will change the view to vertical. The screen also comes with an auto function that will turn off the backlight when it doesn't detect any noise. This extends the life of the battery by as much as 150 hours.

There are times when you may need to tune your guitar to a specific concert pitch and not the standard pitch. The Korg AW-Series lets you adjust the calibration so you can be in tune with whomever you may be playing with. It also keeps track of your adjustments so you don't have to make them every time you turn on the tuner.

Korg has both a phone number and an email address that you can use to contact the company if you need help with the product. We would have liked to see a digital copy of the manual online, but this wasn't a huge issue for us because of the other support options available.

The Korg AW-Series has all the best features you want in a clip-on tuner. It’s small, lightweight, portable, accurate, adjustable and well made. The ability to choose a non-standard pitch is unique and the internal mic adds versatility.