The SNARK SN-Series guitar tuner is a unique clip-on tuner in a couple of ways. First, while the other tuners sport a black case, the SNARK is vibrant blue in color. Not only is the case a different color but the screen shows more color than any of the others. We found that the color variations are a great visual indicator. In a quick glance you will know if you are sharp or flat.

The clamp portion of the tuner is well padded so you don't have to worry about scratching the headstock of your guitar. It also holds on securely so you can leave it on even while you are playing and don't have to worry about it falling off or moving. The ball joint allows you to move the tuner in a variety of positions so that you can find the perfect viewing angle.

The SNARK SN-Series doesn’t have an overabundance of buttons. We were pleased that the unit can be operated with just a few controls, including power, pitch calibration, metronome and two arrow buttons for adjustments. The majority of the buttons are located on the back of the unit, which means there is a nice large screen to show the tuning.

The accuracy of this guitar tuner is great at +/- 1 cent, using vibrations instead of sound waves. This means that even if you are tuning up in a noisy location, you can be sure that your guitar will be in tune. This tuner is set up specifically for the guitar and bass. The pitch calibration of the SNARK SN-Series is 415-466Hz.

This particular acoustic guitar tuner comes with a variety of features. It provides a vibration sensor which is more reliable in all situations. A feature the SNARK SN-Series has that isn't seen in a lot of the other tuners is a visual metronome. The metronome is useful if you need something silent to help keep you on beat.

The device uses a 3V lithium battery which will last quite a while. This is due to the fact that the tuner has a power-save option. If the tuner doesn't register any musical vibrations, then it automatically dims the lights to conserve energy. Even if you manage to use up the battery, it is not difficult to find a new one and replace it.

The website is simple, containing basic information about the product. There is an online manual and email address, but no phone number. While this is a small setback, the product is easy enough to use that you shouldn't need to seek help.

The SNARK SN-Series is a reliable, colorful guitar tuner that comes with a lot of great features. Whether you need a tuner that will work for practicing or performing, you won't be disappointed with this versatile device.

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