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BIC America

The BIC America F-12 had an impressive showing in our listening tests. This subwoofer was the best in our test group at delivering long and low sustained bass notes during our movie listening test. Du

Philips Avent

The Philips Avent Smart baby monitor SCD860 is a Wi-Fi video baby monitor that makes keeping an eye on your little one easier than ever. You hook up the camera to your home wireless connection and use


The JVC HA-W600RF wireless headphones are easy to set up and are comfortable to use. However, there is a constant hissing noise in the background when listening. This noise is louder when you’re liste


The RCA WHP160 900MHz wireless headphones are designed to maximize space and to be as portable as possible by folding up when not in use. The ear cushions appear to be padded and comfortable, however,

Koss JR900

The Koss JR900 utilizes a radio frequency to give you the maximum range for wireless listening. These wireless headphones have comfortable, over-the-ear, noise cancelling ear cups. One of the standout

Sennheiser RS180

Editor's Note: The Sennheiser RS 185 headphones are now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. We will evaluate, rank and review the RS 185 when we next update

Pioneer SE-DIR800C

The Pioneer SE-DIR800C wireless headphones employ a dual-channel Dolby surround sound quality, and they do so expertly. This product has a clear sound that is sure to make any audiophile drool. The mo

VTech CS5119

The VTech CS5119 is average for a basic cordless phone. It has standard features like handset location, handset-to-handset intercom, a 50-entry phone book directory, quiet mode and a compact design.

XO Vision

XO Vision is an electronics manufacturer that specializes in car audio and video products, including flip down DVD players and monitors. The company's overhead DVD players include built-in infrared tr

Power Acoustik

Power Acoustik's flip down DVD players have many common features, including widescreen monitors, A/V input and output, remote controls, and wireless infrared transmitters. The differences among this m

Pyle Audio

Pyle Audio is the manufacturer of a series of flip down DVD players. This company produces high-quality car video and DVD players with monitors measuring 9 to 19 inches. These roof-mounted DVD players

Klipsch Synergy C-10

Klipsch has been making quality audio equipment since 1946. The Klipsch Synergy C-10 center speaker is one of the ten best center speakers we reviewed. The center channel speaker is the most important

Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000

Measuring only 14.75 inches long and weighing only six pounds, the Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000 isn't much to look at. However, this is still one of the top ten best center channel speakers we

BIC America Venturi DV62CLR-S

Although they've been in the audio business since 1973, the name of BIC America is not as well-known as other companies such as Infinity, Polk Audio and Yamaha. Nonetheless, the BIC America Venturi DV

Polk Audio CSi A4

The center speaker is the most important element of a home theater sound system. Getting a high-quality center speaker, like the Polk Audio CSi A4, ensures that dialogue and lyrics won't be drowned ou

Yamaha NS-C444

Many home theaters suffer from weak center speakers. The center speaker is the audio unit in charge of producing the main dialogue in movies and the lyrics in songs. A low-quality unit will cause imba

Polk Audio TSi CS10

If the dialogue in your movies is being drowned out by the background music, it's possible that your home theater has a weak center channel speaker. Switching to a high-quality center speaker, like th

Koss UR

With more than 50 years of headphone manufacturing experience, Koss brings us its UR series stereo headphones. These capable headsets deliver clear, precise sound and can be used with portable devices

Panasonic RP

Panasonic is best known for its audio, television and video products, and while most people are familiar with its inexpensive earbuds, the company also manufactures a few high-quality, full-size stere


The JVC HA-RX series stereo headphones have a closed-ear design, which means they completely cover your ears to minimize sound leakage. The low tones are tight and deep with a nice punch, and they don

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