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Motorola K704B

While the Motorola K704B has all of the basic features you expect on a home phone, it doesn’t have most of the advanced features found on the best cordless phones. Besides its orange backlightin

VTech CS6429-2

We found the VTech CS6429-2 to be a basic home phone that’s fine with being mediocre. And that’s OK. Not everyone wants or needs the latest in cordless phone technology with features like

AT&T CL82313

With its large display and buttons, AT&T’s CL82313 proves easy to use – even for those with large hands or poor vision. Still, this phone is missing many of the features found on the b

Panasonic KX-TGE233B

While Panasonic’s KX-TGE233B isn’t quite as versatile as the very best cordless phones we reviewed, its solid performance and smart design make it a viable option. You won’t find Blu


The VTech LS6475-3 telephone answering device has a cordless headset that allows for hands-free communication via the accompanying headset or the speakerphone, and it has many other options as well. T


This Uniden 1380BK answer machine provides the benefits of an answering device along with a practical assortment of features that may meet your needs. Its sturdy build and weight prevents slippage whe


The RCA 7114-2BSGA combines the usefulness of a phone with a digital answering device and a portable handset for mobility. It has a corded base phone and one handset, but more handsets are available f


The Panasonic KX-TG9381T is a rugged, stylish telephone answering device with clear audio quality due to its digital format. This expandable system provides many options including Bluetooth. The answe

Northwestern Bell

The Northwestern Bell Excursion 35828 cordless phone answering device gives you the benefit of secure voice transmission along with many other features. This multiline phone is expandable to include a


The Motorola telephone answering device is a good solution for home or office needs. This device come with multiple handsets and has up to 12 hours of talk time and 180 hours of standby, making this u


The ClearSounds CS-A500 telephone answering device allows you to use the phone in noisy environments. This answering machine is also accessible to individuals who find audio recognition difficult. The


The Clarity BT914 telephone answering device combines the use of two mobile Bluetooth devices and a landline. It has clear reception at a longer range because of its use of DECT 6.0 technology. The Cl


The AT&T CL84202 is a sturdy cordless phone answering device with multiple functions and features. It gives you the option of adding up to 12 handsets and allows coverage at a distance. The AT&


Amplicom PowerTel 720 Assure Plus cordless phone answering device supports a 50-decibel amplification system that allows three people to set individual voice volume and tone profiles on individual han

VTech DS6751

VTech's DS6751 cordless phone doesn't have top-of-the line features like some of our higher-ranked landline phones. However, this home phone still has Bluetooth connectivity and pairs easily with your

AT&T EL52100

Considering AT&T's prowess in the mobile phone sector, it's only natural the company would offer a phone with a built-in answering machine. The AT&T EL52100 is a combo device that comes with a

Uniden D3097

The Uniden D3097 phone and answering machine combo allows you to take calls from multiple locations as well as easily manage messages. You can listen to messages both from the handset and from the con

RCA 1114-1BSGA

The RCA 1114-1BSGA is a combo telephone and answering machine and offers features that outperform most stand-alone answering machines. It offers a good amount of recording storage and allows you to qu

Motorola L701

The Motorola L701 is a cordless phone system that comes with a built-in answering machine. Even though the answering machine is built into the handset charging station, it can be controlled remotely t

VTech CS6429-2

While standalone answering machines may appeal to some consumers, others may prefer purchasing a combo device simply because of the increased functionality it offers. You don’t need to already own a p

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