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The Panasonic Lumix LX Series is a compact digital camera for the photo enthusiast who wants maximum control over shots while carrying around minimal bulk. While its 3D camera capabilities are secondary rather than one of its main selling points, it takes decent 3D shots when you follow the instructions exactly.

This camera is small and light, yet sturdy. The first thing you notice when picking it up is that there is a manual dial for virtually everything you might want to adjust. It is clearly meant for hands that are used to a digital SLR but crave something lighter. On the side of the lens housing is a switch to toggle between autofocus and manual focus, as well as one to adjust the aspect ratio. On top, you'll find a hot shoe, stereo mics, mode dial, power switch, zoom switch, video-record button and shutter-release button. In the rear, the standard menu buttons are next to the typical 3-inch LCD screen.

The MOS sensor in this camera is 1/1.7-inch, which is middling, but the superior optics may make up for this shortcoming. The camera has a 10.1MP resolution but only a 3.8x zoom. For 3D shots, you won't want much more than this anyway, since farther-away objects wouldn't be within stereoscopic range. But this also means this is not the best 3D camera for dramatic close-up shots.

With an exceptionally high sensitivity of 12800 and an impressive max shutter speed of 1/4000 of a second, this camera takes crisp, clear shots in a variety of lighting settings. Its aperture goes as wide as F1.4 zoomed out, F2.3 telephoto, making a very narrow depth of field when you want it, so you can home in precisely on your subject.

The LX Series takes 1080p HD video, but not 3D video. Its 3D images are created using a 10 cm pan; it captures several shots in a quick burst, and then it selects the best shots for the left and right eye, interpolating them. You can only see these images on a compatible viewing device, such as a 3D television or photo frame. The LX's LCD screen shows you the 2D images that comprise it, but not the 3D version.

If you need help with your new camera, Panasonic offers phone, email and live chat support. The standard one-year warranty applies.

The Panasonic Lumix LX feels good and light in your hands, and you have a great deal of manual control over every image. However, the 3D capability on this camera is little more than an afterthought. If that is your priority in a new camera, there are better options out there.