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Sony Cyber-shot TX Series Review

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The Sony Cyber-Shot TX Series 3D camera is Sony's "tough" line. It's waterproof, freezeproof, dustproof and shockproof. At 4.9 ounces, it's also quite light. It has a vibrant, reactive 3.3-inch high-resolution OLED touchscreen. All of the camera menus and settings are on this screen, and it is fairly intuitive to operate.

You can adjust color and sharpness in-camera, so you don't have to take the trouble to touch up all your photos on computer software. In addition to the regular macro mode, there is a "magnifying glass" mode that allows you to take photos from a centimeter away. Instead of a standard flash, it has a bright ring light around the lens at the top left of the camera. To save space, it uses micro-SD cards instead of standard SD cards, so keep in mind that if you already have a stockpile of SD cards at home, they won't be compatible with this camera.

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This camera takes HD video at 1080p and up to 60 fps. It has in-camera HDR, which means it can take several photos and merge the parts of each that have the best contrast and detail. It is capable of quick continuous shooting – up to 10 fps in bursts.

While it has a panorama mode, the panorama photos are not in 3D. Also, since it is not a dual-lens camera, it takes 3D still images using a pan-right approach, taking one photo and then sliding the camera over to match up with your other eye to take the second shot. The camera then combines the two images into a 3D shot, which you can view on a compatible device such as a 3D television or photo frame, not on the Cyber-Shot itself. To keep the camera waterproof, the HDMI-out and USB 2.0 ports are inside the battery compartment.

The Sony Cyber-Shot TX Series 3D camera produces fine shots and excellent HD video. It's light, portable and hard to destroy. It doesn't have two lenses to take 3D video, but it is capable of great 3D still shots.

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