Editor's Note: The Magelan RoadMate 6230 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. However, the buy button link for this review will take you to the Magellan MiVue 420, which has similar build, specifications and price.

The Magellan RoadMate 6230-LM is a combination dash cam and GPS unit that records while you drive and provides driving assistance. You can capture and review footage on the large screen and record either automatically or manually, as needed. You can also enjoy many additional features such as traffic alerts, parking assistance and the option to connect and use a back-up camera.

The Magellan dash cam automatically and continuously records high-definition video as well as audio for your car. You can easily access and view your footage on the 5-inch color screen. It also gives you the option to manually record footage as needed.

You can also rest assured that you are capturing what's necessary with a wide 120-degree field of view similar to the Papago GoSafe 260. It will capture drivers ahead of you as well as oncoming traffic. The display will always show the date and time, and all recorded footage will have these hard-encoded, which is helpful for reviewing.

Everything you record will be saved to the included microSD card. However, a downside to this type of storage is that it is up to you to delete unneeded footage to maintain available space or to insert a new microSD card if the included one gets full, otherwise you'll risk not having room to record. Many other dash cameras include a loop recording feature, which automatically records over unmarked footage, ensuring that you won’t run out of space or miss capturing something important.

The G-shock sensor, similar to the Garmin dash cam, helps you if there is a collision by capturing and marking it on the card, as well as some time before and after the impact. Whether it was a hit-and-run or a major accident, this feature allows you to review the incident and helps you collect and store evidence.

The biggest extra feature in this device is the GPS system. It will take address input and guide you to your destination, even with voice prompts if you desire. It can also give general directions via landmark guidance. Its SmartDetour technology can automatically reroute you to the next best navigation option if there is traffic or an accident.

Other additional features include PhantomALERT traffic camera alerts, which give you warnings for speed trap cameras and red lights as well as upcoming school zones and railroad crossings. The parking assistance feature tells you hours and entrances to nearby parking lots or garages. You can also connect a back-up camera for the rear of your vehicle, though the back-up camera is not included. It comes with free lifetime map updates, so you can always rely on up-to-date maps.

The Magellan RoadMate 6230-LM easily records and stores events or even just a memorable drive, all in HD. Accidents are automatically marked and recorded, making gathering and reviewing evidence easy. An abundance of extra features such as various traffic guidance and alerts will help make your driving experience better.

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