The Spy Tec G1W-C dash cam gives you high-definition video, photo and audio capture, plus several useful basic features. A wide viewing angle ensures you capture every important detail, and G-sensor technology grabs and marks video if your car is hit. The loop recording features means you won't have to manually manage and keep track of storage space.

This dash camera records 1080p full HD video and audio so you can capture the details of a car accident or a beautiful drive. The lens has a 120-degree viewing angle that can easily capture all traffic in front of your car. Videos are automatically saved as MOV files.

You can instantly play back any footage on the 2.7-inch HD color screen. The dash cam is easy to install in your car, as it is a suction mount. Additionally, it is compatible with a rear-view mirror mount if you desire to be more discreet with the camera, though that is not included.

This Spy Tec model supports SD cards up to 64GB, but no SD card is included. You can simply save recordings to the SD card storage, or you can utilize the loop recording technology in order to make sure you don't run out of space. Loop recording automatically and continuously records over unmarked footage, so you never have to worry about manually deleting old files.

The included G-sensor technology senses impact or sudden braking on your car, in the case of an accident or hit-and-run, and automatically marks and locks that footage on the camera. You can review the footage, save it and even submit it as evidence if necessary.

This dash cam does not run on battery; rather, it uses a capacitor. Capacitors tend to be more long-lasting and reliable than batteries, and they can function in higher temperatures. You can also boot the software in 10 languages.

It doesn’t have many frills or extra features. Some other cameras offer Wi-Fi or integrated GPS capabilities for tracking routes and speed, but this model does not. However, when you look over past videos, you should be able to see the time and date.

The Spy Tec G1W-C dash cam provides high quality video capture and features a wide-angle lens for maximum capture range. You can save your recorded footage to an SD card or utilize the loop recording options, depending on your preferences. Because the device utilizes a capacitor instead of a standard battery, the camera has a durable power source and can withstand higher operating temperatures than some other models.

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