The TaoTronics TT-CD04 dash cam is a straightforward high-definition camera that makes capturing and storing video easy. Dual recording options give you control over what footage you want to keep or record over, while the collision detection technology automatically marks your footage for you. The flexible mounting bracket lets you set up the dash camera however you want.

You can capture video in 1920 x 1080p HD at 30 frames per second, and with the wide 120-degree viewing angle, you can capture the cars ahead of you as well as oncoming traffic. A 3-megapixel sensor ensures you’ll capture the important details, such as a license plate number or a scenic road trip. You can examine footage anytime on the 2-inch LCD color screen.

The camera is also designed to capture clear images in low-light situations, and its infrared night vision boosts its ability to record quality material any time of day. The 4x digital zoom lets you zoom in slightly to better see details, and two LED lights on either side of the lens add light to help you capture a clearer video.

This dash cam offers both auto-loop recording and recording to an included 8GB SanDisk TF card. This guarantees you can always be recording and never miss anything important due to running out of memory. The removable TF card is handy for exporting media if you want to share footage from a nice drive or provide evidence if there is a car accident.

The G-sensor impact-detection technology, combined with the built-in motion sensor, will automatically mark, record and backup footage if there is an accident or a hit-and-run. The motion sensor is activated by any motion, which allows for any incident to be captured, giving you recorded evidence. It also keeps recording while marking the incident to maintain that no footage is ever missed. You can choose to keep your footage directly on the dash cam or on the removable TF card.

This dash camera comes with an adjustable and flexible suction mounting bracket so you can set up the most convenient angle for capturing and viewing footage. It comes with a long power cord, which allows you to be more discreet in mounting and using the camera, if desired. The USB cable car charger connects easily to your car’s cigarette lighter and starts when you start your car. The product comes with a 12-month full warranty directly from the manufacturer.

The TaoTronics TT-CD04 dash cam offers high-definition capture and a wide viewing angle meaning you get quality footage. Two options for saving what you record means you never have to stop recording or run out of storage. While this dash cam does not have a lot of frills, its straightforward design makes it easy to capture and review footage.

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