Looking for an HD video camera that has the basics down? The Sony CX series is a great option to look at. For our review, we specifically looked at the Sony CX 220/R. This Sony CX high definition camcorder may not have a ton of special features like built-in Wi-Fi, but the zoom capability and video shooting capabilities of this camcorder are among the best.

In terms of video quality, this video camera will shoot in full high definition 1080p. It will also shoot 60 frames per second. That is a top-notch frame rate; the more frames captured per second, the clearer the video will look and the better the video will play in slow motion. The 27x optical zoom lets you get close to the action. A high optical zoom is favorable because the lens actually moves closer to the object you are shooting. So the zoomed in image will stay crystal clear and image quality will not suffer.

This camcorder does all the basics well; however, it's just that – basic. It does not come with many features. It has an image stabilizer and intelligent auto function , which is pretty standard on HD camcorders. The battery life is approximately 45 minutes of actual recording time, par for the course. This HD video camera would rate higher if it had special features like an integrated memory, so you could record video without having to buy a memory card. If this camcorder had a built-in Wi-Fi then you could upload videos to YouTube of Facebook without having to hook your camcorder to a computer. Some HD camcorder Wi-Fi functions even allow you to stream video live to your phone. Sadly though, the Sony HDR CX-220 only offers basic features without all the glam.

This high definition video recorder comes with a standard one-year warranty on parts. If you need help with your camcorder, Sony offers a variety of options to contact them. For quick answers from Sony's customer support, you can phone in or start a live chat, or you can email. You can also check out their FAQs or forums and download an online manual from the website.

Sony HDR-CX Summary:

The Sony CX series 220/R will do basic video recording as effectively as any of the best HD camcorders. It does lack features such as built- in Wi-Fi and included memory, but those features are easy to live without. This HD video camera is great for every day shooting and it's backed by a very respectable Sony customer support team.

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Sony HDR-CX Series CX220

The 27x optical zoom is one of the best we've seen on a basic HD camcorder.

The Sony CX series doesn't have many extra features.

The Verdict
: 8.03/10

This HD camcorder is one of the best if you want a basic device without too many frills.