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3DR IRIS+ Review

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PROS / It is incredibly fast, reaching speeds up to 40 miles per hour.

CONS / The drone has GPS but does not come with a stabilization gimbal or camera.

 VERDICT / The 3DR IRIS+ is fast and fun to fly, but to snap photos and video from the skies, you'll need to purchase a camera and stabilization gimbal.

The 3DR IRIS+ drone is designed for tackling the skies recreationally, and if you add a camera, it can capture some stunning aerial photos and videos. This UAV comes ready to fly, is much faster than other RC drones and has a much longer range. It can travel at an impressive 40 miles per hour and reach distances of up to 3,280 feet.

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The 3DR IRIS+ is outfitted with a 5100maH battery and only has a flight time of 16 minutes. While some do better, this flight time is about average for RC drones. Still, it is hardly enough time to get a killer shot.

  1. The amount of time the drone will run on a single battery charge.
    Minutes (More is better)
  2. 5 3DR IRIS+
    16 Minutes
  3. 25 Minutes
  4. 25 Minutes
  5. 12 Minutes
  6. Category Average
    17.00 Minutes

This personal drone doesn't have a built-in camera, and you have to pay extra if you want a stabilization gimbal for aerial photography or filmmaking. But if you decide to upgrade and add these elements, you will get a two-axis gimbal that will ensure your shots are smooth and steady. If you want to use the drone to carry small amounts of cargo, the drone has payload capacity of 7.05 grams.

Since this drone has GPS capabilities, you can plan your flights in advance using free software for your smartphone or Windows or Mac computer that is available for download on 3DR's website. The drone even has a unique Follow Me mode that pairs the drone with your smartphone or tablet. The drone will remain centered on whoever is holding the mobile device. It then will capture video and photos of that person from the air. The drone can automatically land itself and has a return-to-home feature. The drone includes a transmitter but you will need four AA batteries to power it.

One huge plus is the 90-day warranty that is included. Some drones have a warranty that is only a week long, others don't have one at all. If something goes wrong, you can reach 3DR by telephone and email. You can also download the user manual for this drone online. It should be noted that the warranty doesn't cover crashes or accidental damage.


The 3DR IRIS+ RC drone is a great drone because of its fast speed and long range. Although the drone has built in GPS, it does not come with a stabilization gimbal or camera. However, it still is a good choice and certainly will turn heads and help you get beautiful shots or just have some fun. If you are not entirely sold on the 3DR IRIS+ then you should check out some of the DJI Phantom drones with cameras

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