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QAV400 RTF Review

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PROS / This drone is made of anodized milled aluminum, making it lightweight and durable.

CONS / You have to purchase several parts separately.

 VERDICT / This drone isn't suited for beginners because it requires some extra assembly; however, it is a smooth, fun drone to fly.

The QAV400 RTF drone by Lumenier is small and mighty. This UAV weighs about a pound and is made of a sleek, black aluminum. It is made to be durable and light, and it has excellent handling, all of which means you will almost certainly have a good time flying it.

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When purchasing this UAV, you have many choices on how the manufacturer will build the drone. You can choose from various motors, decide on whether or not to have flight controllers, landing gear, GPS and radios or receivers installed among other things. The base model lacks a flight controller, landing gear, and radio transmitter and receiver. After all the add-ons, the drone costs a pretty penny. Not to mention, you can get better drones for close to the same price after making these additions.

  1. The amount of time the drone will run on a single battery charge.
    Minutes (More is better)
  2. 10 QAV400 RTF
    9 Minutes
  3. 25 Minutes
  4. 25 Minutes
  5. 12 Minutes
  6. Category Average
    17.00 Minutes

You’ll have to provide your own camera if you want to use this personal drone for aerial photography or video. Not only that, you'll want to purchase and install a two-axis stabilization gimbal to keep your camera quite steady and free of vibrations.

This UAV has an outstanding operating range of 3,280 feet. However, it has a flight time of just nine minutes, which is short compared to other drones. The drone is marketed as ready to fly, but you'll need to install a radio and acquire a transmitter. Almost every other drone we reviewed includes a transmitter. You'll also have to get a 3300mAh LiPo battery for the drone and four AA batteries for the transmitter. These all represent additional expenses for items that are often included in the best RC drones.

This RC drone not come with a warranty but you can still reach out to the manufacturer through email.


Although the QAV400 is a decent drone, it requires a lot of additional work compared to other available models. Sure it is fun to fly and can help you produce high-quality footage, you just have to be ready to invest a lot in it.

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