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Epson ELP Series Review

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The Epson ELP Series 3D glasses are made specifically for home theaters that use a 3D projector instead of a 3D TV. The glasses are lightweight at 35 grams, or around 1.23 ounces. They connect through the projector using Bluetooth and a wireless connection, and they sync in 10 seconds. The active shutter technology works through a rechargeable battery and offers clear 3D viewing of movies or video games on a large projector screen.

The nose pad and arms of these glasses are fully adjustable, meaning a more comfortable fit for any member of your family. The nose pad loosens and tightens to fit on the bridge of your nose, and the arms are flexible, offering comfort for a wide range of head shapes. These aren't the lightest glasses available, but the extra weight adds durability without the glasses being too heavy. The glasses are designed to work over a prescription pair of glasses as well.

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At a full charge, the battery on these active 3D glasses lasts approximately 40 hours. You need to plug the glasses in through a USB port for 50 minutes for them to reach full power, but they also allow for a quick charge. After three minutes of charging, you can use the glasses for up to three hours. You don't have to wait all day to watch a movie. When the battery is low, an indicator light flashes red.

Epson includes a few additional items to help you take care of your 3D glasses. Each pair comes with a soft case for storage when the glasses are not in use. There is also a glasses cleaner, a soft cloth you can use to wipe the lenses before and after use. This keeps out dust and grime that could scratch the lenses or ruin the view of the screen. In case there are any problems, Epson offers a one-year limited warranty on parts and service.

The Epson ELP Series 3D glasses are a good choice for home theaters or bars. These glasses expand the use of your projector. You can still view 2D entertainment like sporting events, but you get the immersive theater experience for 3D movies or 3D video games. The rims and arms are durable and conform to different head and nose shapes. These glasses are easy to recharge, and the option to do a quick charge means less waiting time when you're entertaining.

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