The LG AG Series 3D glasses are rechargeable and lightweight. They're outfitted with active shutter technology that makes the crystal lens darken and lighten in sync with images the TV projects. This undetectable and rapid motion, in combination with the 3D TV connection, creates a three-dimensional image. At 28 grams, the 3D glasses weigh just less than an ounce, so after a few minutes of wearing them, you might not even notice you have them on.

The glasses connect with your 3D TV through an emitter in the bridge. The LG AG Series battery lasts around four hours before it runs out, and recharging takes about 1.5 hours. You'll save money by not having to buy replacement batteries, but these might not be the best 3D glasses for a weekend of binge-watching. The active-shutter 3D glasses shut off after a period of inactivity, which helps with the relatively low battery life.

The LG AG Series 3D glasses are not adjustable. They fit most users, but children and adults with smaller features may have a difficult time wearing a pair and enjoying 3D content. If you're purchasing enough pairs to outfit your whole family, you may want to take a field trip to a local electronics store to test the sizing. LG offers a variety of glasses in this series, including a smaller version for kids. All of the AG Series glasses can be used with regular glasses and fit quite comfortably right over the top of most prescription lenses.

LG includes a USB cord, detachable nose pad and pouch with its AG Series 3D glasses. It also covers these glasses with a one-year warranty that protects against defective materials or workmanship. The company does not include cleaning supplies or a cloth, so you may want to purchase these separately. Proper maintenance of the lenses can increase the life of the glasses.

The LG AG Series 3D glasses boast rechargeable batteries and automatically shut off when not in use. The active shutter technology in these 3D glasses is cutting-edge and takes your 3D TV viewing experience to a new level.

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