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Quantum 3D G Series Review

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The biggest concern with buying a lot of extra pairs of 3D glasses for your 3D TV is that, if you purchase a new 3D TV down the road, all these glasses will be obsolete. To combat this problem, the Quantum 3D G Series 3D glasses are made to work with any model of 3D TV. These active 3D glasses have duo-sync technology, which means they work for both 3D televisions that connect through Bluetooth and those that connect with infrared technology. Regardless of which brand of 3D TV you buy, Quantum has a connection type that works.

The glasses are molded with a plastic resin that is durable, though a bit heavier than other manufacturers' 3D glasses. The G Series 3D glasses weigh 44 grams, or about 1.55 ounces, which is about average. Quantum offers a smaller pair for kids that weighs slightly less at 41 grams. The arms are hinged onto the frame, a nice touch that allows you to fold the glasses when they're not in use.

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These active 3D glasses are rechargeable through the use of a USB port. A dust guard protects the port from corrosion. The battery lasts up to 40 hours before needing to recharge and requires two hours to reach full charge after you plug it in. One concern is that there isn't an indicator light for when the battery is running low. Forty hours is difficult to keep track of, so you should expect your glasses to shut off in the middle of a movie every once in a while.

The glasses have several accessories to help with maintenance. Each pair comes with a fabric carrying bag and a soft cloth for cleaning the lenses. These help prevent the glasses from getting scratched or damaged. The bag is also a good place to keep your extra USB cord so it doesn't get lost. Quantum offers a lifetime warranty on the glasses and contact by phone or email through the company website.

The Quantum 3D G Series 3D glasses are a great solution if you plan to keep upgrading your 3D TV as technology advances. While the manufacturer models may offer a better overall picture, they're also usually more expensive and become obsolete with different brands. Quantum 3D G Series 3D glasses are comfortable, affordable, and a good alternative for families that need several pairs of glasses.

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