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Samsung SSG Series Review

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The Samsung SSG Series 3D Glasses have a lightweight design due to their thin end pieces. The end pieces screw into the tops of the frames, making the entire weight of the glasses 0.3 ounces. One concern with this configuration is that the glasses don't fold up to be smaller, though if storage space is an issue, you can remove the end pieces after viewing.

Samsung sacrifices some quality to decrease weight. The nose pads are not adjustable and the end pieces aren't flexible. This means that those with smaller features or young children may have trouble getting a proper fit. However, the SSG Series is designed to fit over a pair of prescription glasses for those who need corrective lenses.

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The small battery further reduces the weight, though this also reduces viewing time. Each pair of glasses is rated at 70 hours of viewing time, the equivalent of about 35 movies. The good news is that Samsung includes a spare battery in the box, meaning a total of 140 hours of viewing before you need to go to the store for more power.

These glasses pair with your 3D TV with the push of a small power button on the rim. A small light on the TV notifies you that the pairing was successful. The glasses use active shutters, creating the illusion of 3D through imperceptible flashes in the lenses. There isn't a button on the glasses to switch from 3D to 2D, so you need to use a button on the TV remote instead if the 3D viewing starts to nauseate you.

To help you care for the glasses, Samsung includes a microfiber cleaning cloth in the box. There is no case, however, which may be a concern down the road. The glasses are made of thin, light plastic, so be careful to store them properly when you're not watching a 3D movie. They will likely crack if someone in your family steps on them. In case there are any problems, the company provides a one-year warranty for maintenance and repair.

The Samsung SSG Series 3D glasses are some of the lightest ever produced. This is quite a feat for active 3D glasses that require a battery and constant power. Though the glasses are comfortable out of the box, they aren't adjustable to fit different face shapes and are difficult for younger children to wear. Still, these are a good choice for families with older children who need multiple pairs of glasses at a low price.

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